Ifeoma Okeke: Tonto Dikeh Allowed Kunle Churchill To Abuse Her, I Gained Weight Because Of Abuse


ifeoma okeke abused

March 21, 2017 – Nollywood Actress Ify Okeke Narrates How Olakunle Churchill Allegedly Beat Up Tonto Dikeh On Several Occasions

Popular Nollywood actress Ifeoma Okeke has lent her voice to the ongoing marital crisis rocking Tonto Dikeh and Big Church Foundation CEO, Olakunle Churchill.

Ifeoma Okeke popularly called Ify blamed Tonto Dikeh for not speaking up on time. She also called out Olakunle Churchill for not handling the matter in a matured matter.

In an article titled “PLEASE GIVE THEM SPACE, Ifeoma said;

5 thoughts on “Ifeoma Okeke: Tonto Dikeh Allowed Kunle Churchill To Abuse Her, I Gained Weight Because Of Abuse

  1. Ifeoma eats too much fast food, she never does exercise, she told us that she went to KFC had 15 pieces of chicken 6 portion of French fries and 6 bottle of coke, then she said the ***** told her eat and be merry.

  2. Ifeoma said she want be fat and sexy, people that exercise are idiots, lastly she said she will attempt 20 pieces of chicken, 10 portion of French fries and 10 bottle of coke, she calls it feeding the 5000, as we all know the bible

  3. Ifeoma is a lie upon us bicos is not true wey she have tell us. How can you dey fat just bicos somebody beat you? You can only dey fat bicos you are eat too much food. She is lick ice crim and chop egg and chocolate finish and is coming to be tolding us say na her husband was beat her to be fat. Is a nonsens. Kofi Mensah, it be like say na the same woman weyris supply me igbo is also supply you.

  4. Go and enrol in the gym and tell those stories to the birds.the truth is nollywood actors live false lives.u advertise yr fake lives on media and at the end look for someone to blame.if u be yourself ,good people will see u.if not guy men will have their way.

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