Photo: 2 Pregnant Girls Attempting To Sell Unborn Babies Arrested In Aba Abia State Baby Factory

pregnant girls selling unborn babies arrested aba

Sept 2nd, 2016 – Picture: 2 Pregnant Young Girls Attempting To Sell Unborn Babies Arrested At Baby Factory In Aba Abia State

The officials of Abia State Police Command have caught 2 young girls attempting to sell their unborn babies in Aba.

According to police report, the girls were caught alongside one Oluchi, the wife of a maternity home owner where they planned to deliver the babies and later sell them.

Abia Police Commissioner, Leye Oyebade said the suspect identified as Ebere Ejimadu and Odum Esther were arrested at the baby factory located at #2 Bridget Road in Aba yesterday.

9 thoughts on “Photo: 2 Pregnant Girls Attempting To Sell Unborn Babies Arrested In Aba Abia State Baby Factory

  1. Will this ever stop ? For goodness sake that child can be the next president or worst still marry your child tomorrow or even be the only one God gave you. If you don’t want to be a mom yet,then close your legs to men’s dick! !!! what’s wrong with our young girls of this age.

  2. heartless being. another form of making money then when d child is successful tomorrow u want the child back. may God have mercy on u both.

  3. Many factors could possibly lead to this:
    1) the men responsible has refused to own up.
    2) they could be rape victims who for fear of possible death decided to keep the baby instead of abortion.
    3) zero chances of training up the kids amidst abject poverty and difficult prevailing economic situation.
    4) dont want to wear the banner of the stigma of being called the mother of a Bastard. Etc…
    Whatever their reasons, they ought not to make that foolish move of selling their UNborn children at all.
    I just pity them.

    My strolling continues…

  4. @red, I agree with your comments and the exasperation expressed. Much more so because this situation is not “unwanted pregnancy” as labelled in days gone by; but are calculated crimes with mercenary intent by mothers who do not care whether the babies sold will be used for rituals or such sinister purposes.
    May God save our country.

  5. And if the fathers denying their unborn children ain’t ready to become dad’s yet, then they should use a condom or better still, abstain but that still doesn’t make it right for them to plan on selling those precious seeds planted into them, bear d shame pain and d end would surely be worth d endurance.

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