Ijaw Nation Rejects Police Report On Daniel Ikoli’s Death, Says A He Can’t Shoot Himself 3 Times

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April 29, 2017 – Ijaw Nation Rejects Police Report On Daniel Ikoli Death, Says A He Can’t Shoot Himself 3 Times

The Ijaw nation has dismissed a fresh Police report that indicated that the Fleet Commander of Western Naval Command, Admiral Daniel Ikoli committed suicide.

Speaking on the Police report the Ijaw National Congress( INC) and the Ijaw Youth Congress( IYC) expressed concern that there is a grand plan to treat what they described as the “assassination” of a high ranking Ijaw military officer with levity.

The President of INC, Harry Charles Alatubo in an exclusive interview with Saturday Sun explained that there was no rationale for Admiral Ikoli to kill himself.

According to him it is baffling that Admiral Ikoli, a high military officer of his status is suppose to have a security detail and there was nobody with him.

He insisted that Admiral Ikoli was callously murdered and the Ijaw nation would not allow his death to be swept under the carpet.

Alatubo noted that security agencies in the country should be bothered that a top military officer could be killed easily.

“There was no reason for Admiral Ikoli to have killed himself by simple deductions. Three bullets were found expended in the room where his body was found. There was no way someone that wants to kill himself would have shot himself three times. The security agencies and I mean the Police, DSS and military intelligence should look deeper into the circumstances surrounding his death. He was brutally and callously murdered and the issue of his death should be not been taken lightly. Ijaw nation would not accept his death to be swept under the carpet. It is an assassination and not a suicide. Those who committed this act should not be allowed to go scot free”

Also speaking the two the factional Presidents of the IYC were in agreement that the Police needs to do a better investigating job to unravel those behind the death of Admiral Ikoli.

Eric Omare explained that the Ijaw nation would not accept any fresh report from the Police to justify that Admiral Ikoli committed suicide.

According to him how would someone who has just been posted to take over the Fleet of the Western Naval Command commit suicide.

“If the Police said he committed suicide, they let us know the family people that were present when the autopsy was carried out. Who represented the Ijaw nation, the IYC or the INC when they carried out the autopsy? He was killed and they said he committed suicide, how is that possible. Let them allow Ijaw representatives to be where they want to carry out the autopsy for us to believe their story”

In his remarks Pereotubo Oweielaemi said not only has the IYC rejected all Police report pertaining to the actual cause of the death of Admiral Ikoli, the IYC is carrying out its own investigations to ascertain those who killed Admiral Ikoli and the motive for their action.

Oweielaemi said the spirit of an Ijaw man is very strong and there is nobody that can kill an Ijaw man that would go scot free.

“He did not commit suicide. He was killed and we are carrying out our own investigations unfortunately I can’t reveal the details to you. There was no reason for him to commit suicide, so we cannot accept the Police report”

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