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I’m Pregnant For Son Of My Ex-Boyfriend – Devastated Lady Cries Out

pregnant for son ex boyfriend

I  am at the brink of a serious depression and I really need help because my past just caught up with me and it is frightening!.

Please before you judge me harshly,  read my story.

I graduated three years ago after struggling hard for five years in the university. I got admission a year after secondary school only for my dad to die after my first semester.

Things became terrible after this as my mother was not even working. My two other siblings were in secondary school. It became hard to study, because I could barely afford even the necessities.

In my second year, I failed four courses because I didn’t buy handouts! I was devastated. I met Mr. Olaiya. (Not real name) He gave me a lift and we got talking…when he dropped me, he gave me his card and 10K.

Well, that was how it started. He helped me all through school. Even when I had an extra year. I did not have a boyfriend.

A Year after service, I met Olumide and I fell in love with him. My relationship with Mr Olaiya ended amicably during my final year in the university.

Olumide and I have dated for two years. He finally introduced me to his parents last month when he returned from one of his numerous trips! I saw his father, he was Mr Olaiya.

He recognized me, hugged me and was pleasant all through my stay. His mom was also very nice to me.

I got home and cried my eyes out! I swear, I was a good girl. …I didn’t even date another guy while I dated Mr Ola, he deflowered me.

I told myself it was over between I and Olumide. I planned to just break up with him until I missed my period again, this month…making it two months in a row!

I am devastated. Mr Olaiya did not call me, has not told his son, but I can’t marry Olumide! I am pregnant two or three months, not so sure… How best can I handle this?

Please, I need your advice! My name is Titi and I am 28!

[By Gold Myne TV]



  1. Glorypraise

    May 1, 2018 at 2:46 PM

    My dear if you truly love Olumide as you said, go ahead with your relationship, in as much he loves you back. Look at everyone you are seeing around you,they all have their dark past which they fail to reveal to the world. One important thing that I want you to do is to pray, repent & enter into a new covenant with your maker. To safe your future sit Olumide down and tell him the whole story faithfully. Leave the remaining for God, he will teach you what to do next. Just cling to him, you need him more than anyone now. Please do not abort the pregnancy, because if you do that you will commit another sin. I pray that the Lord will see you through this.

  2. Bidemi

    May 1, 2018 at 3:31 PM

    Quit that relationship girl and move on with your life. Any move. by you to still remain in that family would hunt you for life and make life miserable for you. The guy’s father would never lose appetite of your body and would want to continue having s** with you even when you are married to his son. He would so blackmail you before his son, wife and his dat none of his family members would ever want to have anything to do with you. Leave the family, and look for someone else to marry as it is not only his son that is on earth for you to marry. You will forever be a slave in that house and family.

  3. AK

    May 1, 2018 at 6:43 PM

    Wow! Glorypraise and Bidemi spoke from different perspective which makes further advice to be tough to give. However, It looks a difficult situation but with God all things work for His glory. We cannot change the past but we can prepare for the future. No matter what advice you read from people on this platform or elsewhere, only you have the sole decision to make. That decision cannot be made without you going before your creator. Let God alone speak to you and direct your path.

    There is never a hopeless situation. My suggestion to you is simple. Come out clean to the son but keep the pregnancy as it might be your only chance of motherhood and might not we are human and not God so we cannot predict the future. Your story will sure be a testimony. Good people sometimes experience things that will test their character and faith but it can only prepare you for the future. If the son wants to keep the union then the two of you must go as far as you both can away from his father.

    But human will always be human woman cannot separate the bond of father from son especially if they have a strong bond. And the son being human might one day bring your past to torment you and that will cause never ending psychological trauma. Pray and commit everything into Gods hands. Single parenthood is not a sweet journey but being in a relationship where you will watch your back for eternity is neither healthy too.

    May God help you and teach you the right path to take.

  4. Malik

    May 1, 2018 at 9:40 PM

    Marriage is sweet, good, spiritual and divine. It’s full of challenges, trials, sweet memories, and eternal joy or pains.
    Marriage is designed by God to be eternal and eventful. But in practical as human we are bound to fail or misbehave.

    No matter how much you think Olumide likes you… it’s advisable you sit him down and make everything open to him. Then let him understand that you are going to keep the baby irrespective of his decision afterwards.

    However, bear in mind that Olumide is not God, there will be occassions in the marriage when the past will ‘re surface and so also put yourself in the shoes of Olumide’s mother , what would be your reaction?
    Don’t loose sleep free your mind and look forward to a better tomorrow. When one door closes ; by nature another one opens.

  5. fifelomo

    May 2, 2018 at 4:34 AM

    Am confused reading the first 2 comments. All the same, this won’t happen without Gods involvement. Seek for divine knowledge to tackle this. Do have a chat with Mr olaiya and be sure your conversation wasn’t recorded. His response will determine the next step to take. God bless you. Don’t terminate that preg.

  6. Lola O

    May 2, 2018 at 5:30 AM

    Confessing or coming clean, whatever you choose to call it, will ruin your relationship with Olumide and destroy his parents’ marriage. How can you be around your parents in law and his mother is watching you around her husband while your husband is watching you and his father? Any slight body language, no matter how innocent, will be scrutinized and subject to misinterpretation. Men don’t forget or forgive totally, so either way, you are going to be the loser. His mother will never welcome a girl who dated or dates another woman’s husband as her daughter in law, nobody will believe his father was the only married man you dated. Not that the number matters, truth is, it is morally wrong and unacceptable to society. Please end the relationship and move on with your life. Don’t sentence yourself to a life of torture and misery. Move to another State and start all over. If you choose to keep the baby, Olumide can come visit his child or take him/her to spend vacations with him. Give him some “spiritual message” why you can’t marry him. Some things are better left unsaid. We are not God or Jesus to forgive unconditionally. The human nature will keep referring to certain dark past secrets of our spouses’ past whenever we disagree or quarrel sometimes, which is inevitable. Good luck, dear.

    • uzoma

      May 2, 2018 at 12:51 PM

      @Lola O, there is nothing more to add to your comment. You said the painful truth.

  7. OBI Eugene

    May 2, 2018 at 12:41 PM

    Every one has grey areas in life, yours shouldn’t be peculiar to you. I read through the comments section, it was inspiring indeed. Your fiancé should be intimated on your pass, then if he can’t bear the situation maturely let it be. But preserve the life of the unborn in spite of the outcome.

    At 28, age is no longer on your side to secure a good partner, or start afresh into new relationship. Keep it cool.

    Having seen the father wants to sweep everything inside the carpets, let it not devastate your emotions. Stand tall and you always conquer.

  8. Jilo

    May 2, 2018 at 4:28 PM

    This is a hard nut to crack. There is no specific solution to this problem because human being will always act humanly. Your fiancée may not react to this issue for now even in the next five years but later this issue will resurface again. First thing you need to do now is to explain the whole thing to your partner even before anybody break the news to your fiancée because this is a junction where you cannot keep it secretly anymore.

    Some men have better understanding about life and tells you to move on. On the other hand your mother in law will never happy with you if eventually she aware about your past relationship with her husband. you need to put things in God’s hand for now because there is not one solution to this problem. My candid advice to you, do not terminate your pregnancy and I believe your fiancee will not encourage such.

    God is the only perfect problem solver who can give you the best solution because he knows the future. If he had already connected both of you to be together even though this issue may separate you, you may still come back and reunite with each other. Keep praying and goodluck.

  9. Lola O

    May 3, 2018 at 12:47 AM

    We wouldn’t be having so many problems if we obeyed God’s law and commandments in the first instance. Tell your boyfriend and he will demand a DNA test to determine whether his father is your baby’s father. Worse still, he may never want to see you and your baby again. Honesty is not always the best solution. Use wisdom. Wait until his mother grabs the picture of you sleeping with her husband, a prospective daughter in law? Think about all the times he lied to her about attending “conferences ” to be with you. You will find out sooner how quickly love can turn into hatred. Your boyfriend will never place you above his mother. There’s nothing like love made in heaven. This has nothing to do with God but the prize for disobedience and waywardness.
    Keep your past in the archive where it belongs .

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