In Pictures: Nigerians Deported From The UK Today Arrive MMIA Ikeja Lagos

nigerians deported from uk today

Feb 1st, 2017 – Photos: Nigerians Deported From The UK Arrive MMIA Ikeja Lagos Today

Check out some Nigerian citizens sent home from their base in the United Kingdom today.

The deportees who arrived this morning at 5:11 were full of emotion as they disembarked from the chattered plane that brought them to their motherland today.

One can only pray for these ones. Hope they will find inner strength and courage to move on.

For those that will continue their jail term in Nigeria, life may not be rosy… May God help them.

8 thoughts on “In Pictures: Nigerians Deported From The UK Today Arrive MMIA Ikeja Lagos

  1. God will console all of you deported from foreign countries for no other reason than trying to look for a greener pastures. There are still some opportunities in Nigeria mostly in farming, animal husbandry, fishery, honey harvest, and petty trade for those of you with little change. The last time I checked, these Nigerians were not deported by president Trump of the U.S, but by Colonial Master of Britain who had enslaved so many nations, regions, tribes, and people for centuries for their own advancement.

  2. @ Omokehinde.. what does this gat to do with TRUMP.. these set of Nigerians were deported from the UK not the US, Please stop all these your TRUMP DRUNKINESS….

    • @jake I think what omokehinde is saying is that British government should not deport Nigerian citizens because of the ties they have with the Nigerian people.

  3. Na waooo. May God help nigerians both home and abroad. This is a direct product of misrule,mismanagement,poor economy reform,visionless leadership and bad governance of those taking the lead in Nigeria. We have been humiliated in foreign lands because of the fact that our home country is no longer bearable to survive in economically. No capital to set up a business,no money to secure a land to farm on,no job to raise sufficient money for any intended business to generate more income,salary remain the same despite considerable increase in the cost of living,everything here seem not to be working for the better. God will see us through. You guys are welcome.

  4. Am sorry to say,but #buhari should be among the deportees.Buhari can’t just chill in london while the country he is suppose to govern is in recession. #bringbackourbuhari

  5. Us dosent have charted flight, but UK have charted flight every month, so who is better, Trump or UK immigration system,

  6. Stupid Nigeria leaders sign a contract with the UK to bring back Nigerian citizen back if they dont have stay in the UK, also Ghana. what ashame on my country. Look at Zimbabwe, can they do that to MUGABE? They now sharter flight for Nigerian and Ghana every two months they deport many Nigerian and Ghana with force.what a shamefull country, NIGERIA. With what happened to them, some will die a sudden death, stroke, or serious sickness, and no body to help, not even the Goverment.

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