Ini Edo Relocates To Akwa Ibom State, Blames Politics For Absence From Nollywood

ini edo relocates akwa ibom state

August 5, 2016 – Ini Edo Relocates To Akwa Ibom State, Blames Political Appointment For Absence From Nollywood

As we are all aware that Nollywood actress Ini Edo has been missing in action on the social media and the screen in the past three months, yesterday, the diva broke her silence.

She cited political appointment as a reason for her prolonged absence.

According to her, she has resumed full time duty as Akwa Ibom State ambassador for Arts and culture.

See was she wrote on her official IG page yesterday.

Ini Edo reportedly leased out her night club in Lekki Lagos before relocating to Akwa Ibom State where she is presently living in an official quarters.

Lucky gal!!!

15 thoughts on “Ini Edo Relocates To Akwa Ibom State, Blames Politics For Absence From Nollywood

  1. madam ini edo u don d relocate to ur village gradually,from abuja to lagos,from lagos to akwa ibom,from akwa ibom u move to ur village,bcus ur village is at the back of akwa ibom. congratulation for gradually relocating to ur village.

  2. Congratulations !!! It is you your State believes in to handle that portfolio and we wish youmGod’s guidance and resounding success.

  3. Buzu and Bukunmi if you dont know what to say shut that big hole in your face, ok just put the shut to the up. So what if she goes back to her village, at least she knows where she is from unlike you idiots.

  4. @caleb why r u calling me idiot? i guess bcus of my comment abi,if i say ini edo is gradually relocatin to her village, (1)r u ini edo? or (2)is ini edo not from akwa ibom? jst answer these two questions,then u knw me and u who is an time if u want to correct somebody do it in a polite manner,not abusively.thank u.

  5. Pls o, the governor of Akwa ibom happens to be her cousin from her maternal home, do not be too quick to comment what you don’t know. Bigger u my church sis #Praise The Lord!

  6. Good omen for you, Ini Edo. Congrat to you and the Governor. Do the needfull and move the State to the next level. Thanks.

  7. Well done sha. I am sure you can do it and will make it your utmost responsibility to serve your people. Kudos

  8. bed work, pillow work, hand work, leg work, all is work and its marvelous. to crown it all i give God praise for a good work.

  9. men are fast in passing judgmental comment on the progress of their fellow human. why not thank God for d success of ur fellow human for u know not wen & where ur own will come from. fellow Nigerians,let ur thought glorify God

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