Ini Edo’s New Cropped Hair Style: Hot Or Not?

ini edo cropped hair styleini edo cropped hair cut

July 9th, 2013 – Ini Edo’s New Cropped Haircut: Hot Or Not?

Nollywood actress Ini Edo was recently spotted on a movie location rocking a new look.

The actress is a subject of an ongoing viral joke for her new cropped hair style.

Do you like Ini Edo’s new look?

21 thoughts on “Ini Edo’s New Cropped Hair Style: Hot Or Not?

  1. Guys, guys, take some chilling pills c’mon. This is only a movie set, besides, she’s an actress and if the role requires a perticular hairstyle, so long as she’s ok with it, i don’t see anything bad in it.
    Please let’s stop criticising everything we see and try find some good, like–‘wow, we look forward to seeing the movie in question’
    @Nikkyshankky, ur statement was rather un-called for, as u can read above “spotted on a movie location”

  2. Crazy business, void of modesty, dignity, pride. That’s why some of them go naked sometimes -all in the name of useless professional-

    Rubbish and Crazy

  3. I do not see anything wrong with it Baby Girl , do your thing dont worry about what people say as long as it makes you feel good chill out, na jealosy kill them—abey—Lol enemies of progress

  4. So long as it’s 4 movie sake, then am ok wit it.
    But if it’s just abt fashion, then evrytin is wrong considering her marital status.

  5. hmmmm na wa for this comments o! For God sake INi Edo is an actress and most times when acting u’re required to do certain things depending on your role! don’t u see Stella Damascus and the rest of them that have to shave their hair for a particular role! it’s their job , they are paid for it ehhhh

  6. She’s not looking dat bad nd I c nuffin wrong with d hair style as long as she’s comfortable with it..

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