Innocent Boy Killed By The Nigerian Police Buried In Lagos Amid Tears (Photo)

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June 24, 2013 – Young Boy Killed By Nigerian Police Buried In Lagos Amid Tears (Picture)

Tears flowed freely at Ijede Cemetery, Ikorodu, Lagos as family members and sympathisers gathered to bury the remains of Timilehin Ebun, a nine-year-old boy killed by a police bullet.

PUNCH Metro had reported that the boy and members of his immediate family were on their way to their Ikorodu home when a stray bullet pierced through his father’s vehicle and killed him.

Our correspondent, who was present at the funeral, observed that the deceased’s siblings were not at the cemetery. However, cousins and friends of his parents were present.

Earlier, the relatives had collected Timilehin’s corpse at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, where an autopsy was performed on it.

Symapthisers at the funeral, which started around 3pm burst into tears when the deceased’s coffin was opened for them to see.

The corpse was clothed in a white and blue shirt and a pair of jeans.

The presiding minister, Pastor Banjo Lawrence, said although the incident was tragic, it was pertinent that people should see it as proof that anyone could die at anytime.

He therefore urged all to live right before God because both old and young would die. He however prayed that such a tragedy would not befall the family again.

He said, “It is most unfortunate that the boy was killed so suddenly and at such a young age. I pray that God will console the family and none of the remaining children shall die young.

“We all need to remember every day that we shall all die one day. We should therefore endeavour to live right before God.”

The most emotional aspect of the event was the lowering of the coffin into the grave, after which cousins of the deceased were called upon to perform the dust-to-dust rites.

One of the cousins, Abiodun Ebun, cried profusely. Abiodun said he never imagined that he would be the one to bury Timilehin, who was many years younger than him.

He said, “This is very unfortunate. Timilehin was just too young. How could I be pouring sand on his coffin? God, why? The boy was not sick; he just went to pick up his brother from the airport and was killed in the process? I hope Jide, who just came back from Canada does not start blaming himself over the incident?

“This death was completely avoidable and yet it happened, just like that.”

Employees of Timilehin’s father, described the deceased as a pleasant boy who always followed his father to work.

One of the employees, who did not identify himself, said, “Timilehin was such a good boy, it is hard to believe that he is gone. He usually came to the office with his dad and they were inseparable. I wonder how the man will survive without him. It is just too sad.”

A copy of the death certificate made available to PUNCH Metro reads in part, “Timilehin died of exsanguination (bloodlessness), disruption of facial vessels and gunshot injuries to the face.”

[Source: Punch Metro]

20 thoughts on “Innocent Boy Killed By The Nigerian Police Buried In Lagos Amid Tears (Photo)

  1. This is very heartbreaking and unnecessary, when will this end, it seems to me like the cops in Nigeria pretty do whatever the want to with no serious rep a caution for their actions, sickening!!!!

  2. Wetin police de shoot dat turn 2 stray bullet wch kill d innocent guy.NPF sorry 4 una.i sympathize wt d family.

  3. So sad! But permit me to ask: of what use wz dat autopsy wen it’s alrdy knwn dat d boy died frm d bullet? Or wz it all 2 attract mor charges 4d bereaved parents 2pay mor money 2d hospital managmnt. Pls smbdy shd xplain.

  4. It’s so unfortunate dt a young boy wit great potentials culd die @ d twinkle of an eye,which shows high level of unprofessionalism in our force. May his soul rest in peace

  5. Oooooh God,av mercy on us in Nigeria & d world as a whole. God grant d innocent boy peaceful rest & console his family.

    Authority in charge of NPF pls. 4 God & humanity sake, dis-arm d police & let them start operating with other weapons without guns. They are fond of using their guns on innocent citizens instead of criminals. Plsssssssssssssss SOS from continuous accidental discharge.


    Please don’t misquote my dream pple, its the fact…such thing can not happen to me and you think 10 police will not go for it?
    No one ask about the very Police where about?
    Why did he pull the trigger?
    coz of Danfo Driver?
    coz of Okada Rider’s?
    The state governor is MAD, is it only when you construct road and plant flowers is good governing??
    What about the pple security when you have all your own family secure day and night…
    Coming Soon

  7. Its a pitty obviously dis tin is getting out of hand government shld no wat de wil do abt dis b4 all of us wil be killed by de police.luk at thiefs wondering everywhere dey didn’t see dem here de got an innocent boy killed.chai may his soul rest in de bossom of de lord…..[Amen.]

  8. It’s almost 2 years that I have lost you….. Rip my big baby….. It saddens my heart that your KILLERS are walking around freely……. But what can I do but wait for God’s judgement….once again rip baby brother….. From your annoying, big and only sister…. Still found no baby brother like you

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