Nigerians To Pay £3,000 Cash Bond To Enter The UK As Visitors

 £3,000 Cash Bond uk cash visitors

June 24, 2013 – Nigerians To Pay 3,000 Pounds Cash Bond Before Entering The United Kingdom (UK) As Visitors

In five months time, all the visitors from Nigeria and other high risks countries like India, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Bangladesh, Pakistan will be required to pay a whopping £3,000 cash bond before they are allowed to enter the UK.

A pilot scheme that will target citizens from the aforementioned countries will force them to pay the British Government a form of deposit or cash guarantee in order to curb immigration abuse and fraud.

They will lose the bond if they abused the immigration system by overstaying or if they refuse to return to their home countries before their visa expired.

This highly controversial scheme by the United Kingdom is similar to the Australian system and it shows how authorities are trying to curb the sudden influx of immigrants from other countries.

“In the long run we’re interested in a system of bonds that deters overstaying and recovers costs if a foreign national has used our public services.” – said Theresa May, UK home secretary.

This move is to reduce the number of immigrants entering the UK from countries with high volume of visitor visa applications.

According to my calculation, £3,000 is approximately N738,467 , very close to one million Naira (that is very high).

Do you support this move?

10 thoughts on “Nigerians To Pay £3,000 Cash Bond To Enter The UK As Visitors

  1. Naija we don suffer,how i wish our government will apply the same measure to their own citizen.Baba God na your hand we dey.

  2. Make dem Chop their country na..Besides self UK nor dey hungry me go with serious Tax up and down and no work self…Other nice countries yafu yafu to enter and enjoy Life..Na our Government cause this yeye rubbish wey dem don see us as thief now….Chai.

  3. It is unfair to deliver such stringeth condition to citizens of nigeria bcos we have influx of our people going to uk without considerating the financial ability of the immihgrant. Travelling oversea should not be seen most times as luxry but could be a neccesity. Nigerian foriegn should respond appropriately like the ministry of aviation did

  4. Well I don’t have much to say on this matter.. Fact is that no man is an island. You think u have it all abi? Let’s wait and see in the short run. I wish the Nigerian govt can reason.

  5. I don’t know ђã†̥ Nigerians are looking for ,they are only capitalizing on our unsatisfactory. Stay back in the country and make something out of nothing

  6. This is Nonsense from united kingdom government.I think Nigeria leaders will wake up from their dogmatic slumber and fix the anomalies and better the life of their citizens. Uk government should go to hell

  7. Make UK take their country.

    Nobody want to go there any more.

    Better we stay in nigeria to face the music.

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