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bishop oyedepo wisdom quotes

Updated November 11, 2017 – Inspirational & Wisdom Quotes By Bishop David Oyedepo

Below is a compilation of powerful inspirational and wisdom quotes by Bishop David Oyedepo. You’ll be blessed

  • The farther you are from the word of God, the filthier your life becomes
  • Until you know what is written, you can’t control what is happening
  • Absence of light makes us victim of happenings of life
  • Wisdom and knowledge are the stabilizers of our destiny, God’s word is where your spiritual energy comes from.
  • It takes inner strength to overcome your fear
  • Every great gain begin with great thinking
  • Until something changes within you nothing changes around you
  • Something do change with time but time itself changes nothing
  • Only those who believe for a need to be change remains in charge
  • A change of status begins with a change of desire
  • You don’t need a century to effect a change you only need effective preparation to provoke unusual transformation
  • You are at your best when you are at yourself
  • Your originality is your greatest value
  • Many want to be commanders but not all want to obey the commandment
  • Those that sweat with you need to eat the sweet with you
  • Your mind is the gate way to your life
  • When your mind is out of place your place in life is lost
  • The state of your mind determines the quality of your life
  • What you hear determines how you think, How you think determines how behave, and how you behave determines what you become
  • You can’t dominate the world until you are dominated by God
  • The destiny you are not truly committed can never be actualized
  • A closed mouth is a closed destiny.
  • You cannot fail with fact.
  • How far you can see determines how far you can go
  • What you will become in life must first be seen in your mind
  • When you know little more than others you will lead them without stress
  • Your decision determines how successful you will become in life
  • Praying without working is playing without knowing.
  • Every star is known to be a thinker and every committed thinker is bound to be a star.
  • Poverty is not a gift from God but a result of your action.
  • You success is not determine by what you have but by what you do with what you have.
  • When I seek the face of God I fear not the face of men.
  • Any power God did not give you will surely kill you.
  • Staying in the word of God will make you be on top of the world.
  • Nothing is more valuable than insight in the journey of life.
  • If you leave your life to chance, you don’t have a chance.
  • You are running with-a vision, going on a mission, or burning with a passion, if you do not belong to any of these, life is reduced to a burden.
  • Every divine deposit multiplies with use,
  • Givers are winners and rulers.
  • Idea is the strongest currency in business market.
  • Reaches and honor is direct product of wisdom.
  • When you stop thinking, you start stinking, because it is the thinkers’ world.
  • It is your level of understanding that determines your level of possession.
  • Knowledge is not marketable, it is skill that you market, skill is not a function of the papers you carry, it is a function of the tactics, and the strategies you engage in handling your assignment.
  • You cannot be committed and not be creative, you cannot be creative and not be productive and you cannot be productive and not be successful and you cannot be outstandingly successful and not be impactful
  • The covenant is God’s hammer for breaking financial hardship wealth in the kingdom does not answer to prayers, nor does it have respect fasting. It only answers to qualitative covenant exercises.
  • You can’t live in the midst of noise and make the most of the treasure called the mind.
  • Every man of integrity naturally enjoys mental dignity.
  • When you habitually live in sin you’re destroying your mental capacity.
  • Wealth is a product of wits.
  • Dedication is the mystery behind distinction. How dedicated you are determines how distinguished you will ever become in the kingdom.
  • Your faith is what determines the event of your life.
  • Wealth is the product of man’s capacity to think.
  • When you are truly lost in God, you will be truly sought after by men.
  • Your financial revolution is tied to what you do with your finances on the gospel.
  • Life has no return match.
  • Your work determine your worth.
  • Inspiration is the movement of the Holy Spirit in man’s mental faculty.
  • Until you put your mind to work God will not mind you.
  • Divine wisdom commands practical proof.
  • The Holy Spirit quickens your mentality and empowers your mental faculty for super natural exploits
  • The Holy Spirit is the gateway to the realm of divine intelligence.
  • Your imagination set the pace for your destination.
  • The flow of divine wisdom stops where meekness stops.
  • Every divine deposit multiplies with use.
  • Financial corruption is a deadly attack from hell
  • The level to which you engage your mind determines the level of result you obtain.
  • It is your mental picture that determines your actual future.
  • When you read for pleasure, you will live under pressure.
  • Don’t assume knowledge, consciously acquire it.
  • Life without law is deadly and chaotic, it is colorless, and lets enjoy the laws of God.
  • When you take matriculation to mean convocation, it is a welcome to mediocrity.
  • Dream it, believe it and you become it
  • You are not a failure till you start looking for who to blame for it

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  26. I am afraid if the Lord will forgive you Cole, be careful with what you say or write about man of God. I just hope you are not referring to my daddy, papa, father, bishop, prophet. Because I will personally curse you.


  28. daddy your qoutes are so inspirational it has taught me a a whole lot of lesson how to build a positive mind set and the power of thinking

  29. I tap under that greac in Jesus name
    And a father always pray for his son to be more better than him
    In fact I see myself flying

  30. I tap under that greac in Jesus name
    And a father always pray for his son to be more better than him
    In fact I see myself flying

  31. Daddy god will keep you even as you continue to work for the declearation pf Jesus name through out the world


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  37. If you leave an adopted culture, you rupture your future.
    – Bishop oyedepo

    “You dont have to make noise to make news. Just make moves and the moves you make will generate news. ”
    – Bishop oyedepo
    Papa is a singular blessing to this generation. God bless and reward you for all you are doing, my father.

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