Nnamdi Kanu Wanted! Biafran Freedom Fighter Flees As Military & DSS Get Directive To Arrest Him

nnamdi kanu flees

September 17, 2017 – Biafran Freedom Fighter Nnamdi Kanu Flees As FG Gives Military & SSS Directive To Re-Arrest Him

IPOB Leader, Kanu and his commanders have gone into hiding after they were informed of security operatives plan to re-arrest them.

According to Sunday Punch investigation, Kanu and his second in command had disappeared from his country home to an undisclosed location.

A top security operative said security agencies are combing the South East in search of Kanu who has gone into hiding since Friday.

Here is what the source said:

12 thoughts on “Nnamdi Kanu Wanted! Biafran Freedom Fighter Flees As Military & DSS Get Directive To Arrest Him

  1. this young man fight with words not weapon forget what people always post on net that he said or no said ,govt should deal with nig. problem not him.We are in democracy govt of freedom of speech

  2. Are u ******* mr or mrs mimia u dont see all the video he was treating Nigerians and insulating our government why he shouldn’t wait for what he start his time is past this is return of what he calls for u know when u ring bells he sound strong u wait until he come down now he should have wait for the bell he call for an animals. Fellow

  3. in as much as we condemn violence, shooting and incessant killing from our soldiers, I still believe Kanu needs to come out and defend himself. A clear conscience fears no accusation. If he doesn’t have a skeleton in his cupboard, I don’t think he has to be running around.

  4. Can you imagine this stupid coward, where is the he goat hiding after all his people called him lion not knowing he’s a goat. He said that he will die for biafraud now and he’s nowhere to be found. Bastard, the igbos should know that history has repeated itself. This is what Ojukwu did when things got out of his hands and left millions of innocent people to die. Dumb people

  5. I thot he wanted to be the Bifran Nelson Mandela? Mandela ddnt run o, he stood his ground daamning all d consequences and came out victorious. Kanu abeg make una no run or hide, aallow Mandela’s life inspire u o! afterall, u hvnt even faced a hundreth of whhat Mandela faced, so why run?

  6. abeg my brother kanu stop runing you are our mandela in nigeria if you run then we will run pass you abeg die for biafara ok no run

  7. Lenda Evan thunder go u fire ur family u are just a fool this country call Nigeria is a threat to IGBO better mind ur speach fool

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