IRT Policemen Who Arrested Evans Loot His House, Steal Hard Currencies & Valuables – Police Source

policemen arrested evans looted his house

June 19, 2017 – IRT Police Officers Who Arrested Billionaire Kidnapper Evans Loot His House, Steal Hard Currencies & Valuables – Police Source

Investigation has revealed how the IRT police operatives who participated in the arrest of Billionaire Kidnapper Evans allegedly looted his house.

A police detective who wasn’t among the team said his colleagues looted dollars, euros and other expensive household items.

The police source who lamented not being a part of the team said he would have become a millionaire like his colleagues by now.

Here is what a police source who was part of the team said:

Another police officer who leaked the secret said:

This explains why they were dancing after the operation.

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29 thoughts on “IRT Policemen Who Arrested Evans Loot His House, Steal Hard Currencies & Valuables – Police Source

  1. Yes true that was why they danced happily after arresting him. But come ooh. Is that not blood money? Is it also good or safe for the police to use such money?

  2. The money earned through hard and decent way unfortunately turned to ransom money in the hands of Kidnappers and then turn again to free money in the hands of the Searchers

  3. That will be the reason why those policemen or IRT men will die mysteriosly and nobody will know why.

  4. That’s why they keep on dying misteriously,either by accident,slumb,or assassinated, and many more,they should also be executed along with the said kingpin cos they are all bird of the same felder,that’s why this country will never change.

  5. I said soo why police are dancing anyway my man said OLE GBE OLE GBA they must be lock up with Evan their own superceed evan

  6. Well that has always been their ways of life. Harm robbers properties are always belongs to the police and most of the police and SARS took from yahoo boys their money and their property belongs to the police because I wonder why who is the government itself. All are scammers some of our politician needed to be treated like Evans I swear to God almighty.

  7. So for the gallant officers to be happy because of the arrest means they looted.If such a scenario happened do you think dey will bring out Evans alive? He wud av being Murdered. Also this guy is a criminal, he will never keep such monies playing in his room cos of suspicion.

  8. If an unprofessional policeman really made such comment to the press, simply ask y didn’t he go for the Operation if he is in IRT. Enemies of Progress.

  9. Opportunity comes but once.Police love men like Evans,men of means.
    That is why they are lining up to take selfies with him.Evans knows his fate.Worst is a long term prison sentence and not in more.Even in prison,he will continue to live like a King.

  10. I wonder what was making those police happy if not for the stealing God punish all of them and their generation.

  11. Just to let you guys know, what these officers did can also be done by some unscrupulous law enforcement officers in advance Countries including the United States . A Nigerian guy was being investigated for credit card fraud in the US and after searching his house, the detectives took out some valuables and some nice expensive men’s suits. They collected these in order to present these as evidence in the court. Could you believe that the day they arraigned this guy in front of a Judge this guy got a surprise of his life. One of those detectives worn one of the suits taken out of that guy house. That guy couldn’t raise an eye brows because of his nature of his offense. He said that detective sat in the same car with him wearing one of his expensive suits.

    He also said that did not stop the detective making a racial slur against him while they were inside the on their way to court that your fucken African bitch coming here to become rich. Where did you get all these expensive stuff? but you know what? I will make sure they ship your arse back to Africa . All I’m trying to say is, as officer of law you have no right to singlehandedly seize a criminal property and convert it for your own use. That is against the law. If government want to auction them later, you can buy them but any credible law enforcement officers will never take an evidence from crime scene and put it in his pocket, that is an evidence to tender in court.

    • That’s U.S but those policemen should be jailed.. That’s stealing not for evidence or are you a policeman with the same character? Nemesis is at your door step

      • Did you read my comment at all? I’m not saying what they did was right but trying to let people know that we have unscrupulous police around the Globe. The US will never allow that kind of theft behavior among their law enforcement officers but that detective did that on his own because he knew that poor guy is helpless.

        In my last paragraph, I concluded that behaviour is not acceptable . All evidence must be preserved as evidence in the court, could you read that. I’m not a law enforcement officer but we need to objective when we are analyzing the situation like this. Evans is guilty and must receive the maximum punishment but I’m just sharing what I witnessed in another Country. You may have little exposure, buy FYI we have bad corps in some good Countries too.

  12. I argued this point yesterday. Police went to a high cartel’s house and found no monetary exhibit? Nigeria police if what is alleged is true, we do not have police force rather bigger thief arresting a big thief.

  13. Nigeria police are just broad day light armed robbers disguised as security agents. God help us. They need to be flushed out of Nigeria system. And recruite sincere officers.

  14. They should now become a co-defendant with Evans because they have partaken in the share of kidnap loot

  15. Lol if police go yahoo boy house any money them find there police take 90% and leave 10% fr the Yahoo boy …na normal thing for them ..if they find u with money they kill u nd take the money and tag you as thief

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