Is It Wrong To Marry My Friend’s Ex-Boyfriend?

getting married to my friend's ex-boyfriend

October 2nd, 2016 – Is It Wrong To Marry My Friend’s Ex-Boyfriend? Please Help

My fiance and I are getting married in 3 month’s time. The issue here is that he use to be my best friend’s ex-boyfriend. I’ve known him for almost five years now. He dated my best friend for over two years and they parted ways. My best friend started dating someone else she met at work last year.

My best friend’s ex and I bumped into each other on our way to work early this year and got reconnected. Since our work place is not far from each other, we started going out for lunch together. Before we knew it, our relationship got serious and he has proposed to me.

I’ve fallen in love with him but the problem I’ve now is that my best friend is opposing the relationship and is threatening to severe our childhood friendship if I get married to her ex. We have come a long way since our childhood days and I’ll hate to see us part ways like this. I’m truly confused and don’t know how to resolve this dilemma. I don’t know if I should breakup with him to save my longtime bond with my childhood friend.

Chidinma Writes From Magodo Lagos

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  1. Logical yet can be solved. What’s childhood relationship compare to your happiness? Your friend and her ex what causes their misunderstanding? Do you think this guy in question still have feelings for his ex? This is Africa, people will always tell you this is wrong, but the feeling u share matters. Love conquers all. Tell it all to God.




  3. I will advice you to go ahead and marry him if you really love the guy,it is not a must that friendship will last forever… If your friend want to end your friendship with you then let it be.Take it as a price you have to pay for your happiness.

  4. Your friend is very selfish….friendships are not meant to last forever. If you really love the guy go ahead and marry him,your happiness is more important. Losing your friend is a sacrifice you have to make for your happiness

  5. @MADAM ERANKO. You should have lower your ******* a little bit. This lady needs your advice and not a course. I think nobody is above mistake and in want of advice.

    But mean while,I totally agreed with you in your view point. @Chidinma thank God you’ve seek people’s opinion on this. I will never,never advice you to end up marrying such a guy. Its painful to me you’ve allowed that sharp guy into your life already which I considered a serious mistake you’ve made.

    Your childhood friend will rightly think you’ve been eyeing her man for a very long time and praying for opportunity like this to manifest so you can snatch her boyfriend away from him. And if you end up marrying this guy,what do you think your childhood friend,your other friends and families in your locality will say about your action? I must tell you that to people,they may ask you if this guy is the only man in the whole of lagos to make a perfect husband for you. You don’t have to pass through all this unnecessary shame,disgrace,loss of dignity,self respect and the severing of your relationship with your childhood friend and your other friends in your locality before you can have a lovely and honorable marriage.

    I will advice you to halt that relationship now and quickly avert the shameful stigma attached to it. Just as MADAM ERONKO said,this guy might just be play boy who will dump you after marriage and switch to your other friends. There is high possibility this guy will do the same thing to your friends when he finally get marry you. The guy is flirt and easily prey on unsuspecting heart like you to satisfy his sexual cravings.

    Stop him now and restore your self respect with your friends in your locality and force your heart away from him. Wait for someone else. There are plenty guys are out there who can be a better prospective husband for you with all the qualities you can think of. Its just a matter of time,you will get in touch with such guy.

    So my dear,if you escape this infatuation like MADAM ERONKO said,don’t ever try to date your friend’s boyfriend how much more making him your husband.

  6. I dont see anything wrong in falling in love with each other, your meeting could be divine. another thing is you should not listen to what people say, rather follow your heart. may God bless your marriage

  7. well you spoke like a foolish lady or girl, you said the you guys fell in love, how do you fall in love when sex had not take place? if you really love him you should have helped him out in such situation rather than leaving him in total ignorance.

    you could have tested him and see if he can make good use of him very well, besides GOD created him that way not as if he did that to himself.

    Girls wake up, what of if a man do same to you how will you feel, are you sure you are 100% complete? no pussy, body and armpit odors?

    well the guy will find a girl who will cherish the size of her man hood.while you will see the size of penis you been looking for. or maybe you should put the picture of the size of penis you like on social medial so you can get it. am sure you kind of girl cannot even afford pantie liners to keep your pussy neat.

  8. my dear it’s wrong for the guy to date ur friend for 10yrs and they parted ways ask him y they left each other because he might wake up one morning and part ways with you too. marriage is not all abt love be careful

  9. @bok u are on the wrong article
    Ur comment is for the next article
    Tbh we are all recycled material if one doesnt marry another one will
    I think u should find out the reason why they broke up n if it isnt reasonable, then be careful of the guy cos u could be a bet or something..
    N to ur friend is she really a friend? Ur friend should always look for ur happiness.. If u hve explained that u are happy with this guy then she should b willing to let it go afterall they are not together anymore

  10. It is very wrong to date your best friend ex not to talk of trying to marry him. You may not view it as anything wrong but it is not advisable to do just that. Him and your friend may not be together but that should not give you a leeway to come in as opportunist. Let that guy find his own love elsewhere.

    As a man, I just see that guy as a sexual predator. Apart from having tendency to do the same to you, he may use that against you in future whenever you have misunderstanding and you will be looking like an idiot. You may be feeling this way because of infatuation you have towards him. Be careful lady it is not the right thing to do.

  11. @ENDURE AND ERANKO, THERE IS what they call emotional wisdom. You guys have it. At face value, the inexperienced would advice this lady to go ahead. But that shows immaturity.

    @CHIDIMMA, YOU COULD go ahead and date or marry any man who had previously dated several other ladies, but not your girlfriend for goodness sake! Apart from the points that Endure had raised, let’s take a look at another: Let’s just assume that this girlfriend of your supports the relationship. Do you think you would be at peace if she eventually comes around your family as a friend? You would be tensed on your guard, highly suspicious lest that old flame that had flickered out between them spark up again. And you may do some silly things on account of jealousy.

    And so it is never wise to fall for your friend’s ex, both for the guys and ladies. Your girlfriend’s discountenance of your marriage to him should warn you, even though you may say it’s your life. Think twice!

  12. My dear go ahead an marry the man if u truly love him, as u were not the cause of their breakup. Friendship will be resolved if the need arises, but your happiness is paramount. Wish you well dear.

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