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Is There Still Hope For Nigeria?

is there hope nigeria

By Ekekere Samuel

I’ve just woken from a long sleep; it has taken more than two years to pick a pen. My mind had traveled abroad to rest; it was shielded from everything that characterized the political system of this country. I lost every passion, every zeal and every believe. I thought for sure that all was over until in my long sleep, I came across this dream that ended with a letter in my hand stating “there is hope for Nigeria”. So I have woken again.

Ah! Enough has gone under the water in the last three years. It’s just a few months to elections and we seem to find ourselves at the same place where we were. Nothing has changed; any changes only just became worse. The yearnings of ordinary Nigerians have not being met and the struggles for a better life have only being increased. Where is Nigeria heading to?

Sometimes when I look over the heads of my pupils at school, I often wish they understand why I have to gaze at them intently. It’s because I feel the pains they don’t know, of knowing they will grow up into the society that Nigeria is becoming and will still have to compete with the world. Maybe my teachers did the same when I was like them, I don’t know.

I know we have to pray but who cares praying these days? Those who should lead the prayers are having a busy good time with the politicians while the common man spends the night grinding for answers from God. Some of them are even pursuing political offices all in the name of helping God solve the leadership bruhaha.

It’s tough to reason things out differently when everyone has developed a consensus in their minds. You just can’t dare to be different else you will be drowned by the spirals of attacks from left right and center. But let’s be sincere and apolitical, can we clearly point out to one thing that’s different in the last three years. I’ve tried to rationalize and I am amazed nothing much has changed. The politicians just got more brutal with their techniques at outwitting themselves.

I love Nigeria but I don’t know how much of love I have. Maybe little, maybe much. Sincerely I don’t know. Our children need a safe haven, but everytime they live in fear that the politicians, the same ones who are on a mission to ensure their future are a threat to their lives, hunting them down for ritual sacrifices all in the name of elections, I feel their fear.

No one has a say that does not belong to a cabal. Was this what we sent our politicians to do? To push us to a corner when we ask to have an input on the issues that affect us most? Abba, the politicians have tried. They are smart and witty. They outsmarted us to get their position and they don’t need us to keep it. After all, who are we the common man?

I’ve woken up again to see the stench, its stinking all over, blood of the innocent who have died for no just cause than been resident in their villages. We thought cities had the greatest risk; today villages however have taken this position. You are killing me because I’m not your type, your caste, your religion. I’m helpless yet you find all the reasons to kill me.

Nobody is caring for anybody, everyone pursues his own. If your interest is no longer covered, you blow the whistle but all the while you enjoyed the gain, you made no noise. You jump from party to party because you are afraid of shadows, shadows that will always hunt you wherever you go.Mr.politician, take it easy, you will still die, and everybody does.

Stop fooling your “common man” that you love them. You know you don’t. You are only showing off how you care by stopping to buy the local garrifrom the poor market woman and holding the hands of a local primary school boy for the social media. When you enter the office, you won’t even wave when you are passing by. Na so

I don try. This time I picked my voters card just so that my people will not say I’m off age and without a voter’s card. But who I go vote for? Im not sure I will waste my energy stepping on that line when I hear the opposing parties are already making best plans to steal the ballot boxes. They have declared war in Warsaw and they claim Warsaw will see war. I’d rather hide my head oh.

This warning is to you NYSC friends. See, I know you love Nigeria and you are proud to be in that khaki but you nobe military man. You are a bloody civilian whose voice doesn’t matter. Don’t struggle for ballot boxes when the politicians’ boys come around, your parents still want you alive, they have not eaten the fruit of their labour on your head.

Thank you fellow Nigerians for still believing. Some of our guys could not; they had to leave for Europe by any means through Libya. They failed though. Every attempt to get out is a clear reminder to our ogas up there that Nigeria at the grass level is not working.

The campaigns have started. Next level this, Atikulate that. Whichever way you choose to go, use your head. Think well if it’s safe for you to cast that vote and vote wisely. Don’t claim youth for one thousand naira and lose your life because you are fighting for oga boss. He will not come to your funeral.

But don’t give up on Nigeria. Keep praying if you can pray and keep working hard at that your hustle because one good day, our hopes will become reality. God bless Nigeria.

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  1. iron bar

    December 1, 2018 at 11:52 PM

    mr writer,well captured..But be aware that the mandate lies with the people who is being manipulated and mortgaged with peanuts.
    Again,we need strong institutions to checkmate the excesses of all branches of govt.
    its unfortunate,the rogues found their ways to cling to power but masses could correct such mistakes by voting in the right rejecting their devilish gifts ,bags of rice..i even heard yesterday a candidate from benue sharing under wears just to grab votes.our mindset needs to change otherwise nothing will happen than settling with the status moghalu has a better agenda but atiku with his money power will still sway most voters.

  2. Mon

    December 2, 2018 at 2:01 AM

    Nothing will ever change until the masses are willing to let the change happen and one of the best ways is to boycott this election (civil disobedience) and take back their power, it belongs to the people and not the criminals calling themselves politicians.

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