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Isoken Movie:The Casting Of White Guy Distracted Your Intended Message – Critic Tells Jade Osiberu


Isoken Movie:The Casting Of White Guy Distracted Your Intended Message – Critic Tells Jade Osiberu

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June 23, 2017 – Isoken Movie: The Casting Of A White Guy Distracted Your Intended Message – Critic Tells Jade Osiberu

Isoken is a movie that highlights the challenges ladies face in their 30s and unmarried. A movie produced by Jade Osiberu, the Movie focuses on an Afrocentric 34 year old single Nigerian woman who is contented with being single but is being disturbed by her mother and aunts to get hooked up with a man and settle down instead of studying, because according to the mother, no matter how much a woman reads, she will eventually end up in the kitchen of her husband.

As a woman with strong ideologies and quite opinionated, she has stuck to what she finds peace in which happens to be her singleness until she meets the son of a wealthy family, Osaze(Joseph Benjamin), at the wedding of her sister who picks interest in her. Osaze is the perfect guy and every girls’ dream, in summary, he is good looking, wealthy, academically accomplished and ready to settle down. Thinking she has found a good catch, she met the white guy in the most awkward way ever; he came to drop her panties which she forgot after dry cleaning. Now that is not the person you always want to speak with as he reminds you of things that are bound to make you uncomfortable. Coincidentally but very cliche like, she realized that the researcher she has been communicating with for a while now is thesame as the white guy she met, she didn’t have as a choice, hence they became close and eventually realized they have developed feelings for each other.

Now, in less than one month, a woman who was being asked to bring home a man has two men and she is caught up in the middle of it all, with the decision to choose.

Not long after her known confusion and mixed emotions, Osaze proposed to Isoken on her 35th birthday where both men were present. Without accepting the proposal, her family and friends accepted on her behalf. Isoken carried on with the charade of being in love until she could not take it anymore and decided to go with the man she loves that accepts her for who she is rather than be with the wealthy accomplished son from a good family who will eventually mould her to who she is not, hence she broke the engagement she never agreed to.

Now let’s not forget the friends and the spice they added to the movie, especially the realistic Funke Akindele who always reminds her friend, Isoken that getting married is important and she doesn’t have to be herself to get married, she should pretend in courtship and be real in marriage. Isoken is surrounded by friends who encourage her and stand by her in whatever she does.

The movie is quite humorous surrounded with the issue of contentment and societal disapproval of individual decisions.

Looking at this movie, there are mixed feelings. We love it because it is an issue we all face, but we aren’t super excited because the issues were really basics and what we see every time. It is the happily ever after kind of movie that you know the end because it is the ideal love story where you are faced with two suitors but you eventually pick the man you love. So why the hype? The hype is probably because the movie is about a lady that is in her thirties and still single but later. The hype is on the interracial relationship, but I believe these were not really explored.

While the directing is okay, I think the casting of a white guy distracted the perceived intended message.

Looking at who Isoken ended up with, we might want to bring up an issue of class, but with the other suitor being white, it automatically suppresses the question of his financial statuses because something says to them subconsciously that since he’s white, then he’s better.

That was not said in the movie but it is also surprising how husband financial status didn’t come up, which would’ve been far different if Henry had been black, and obviously poor.

Good pictures, great casting and amazingly story.

Generally, Jade Osiberu’s treatment of this theme was a good one, good execution, but really on the surface, going deeper than it did would’ve made the movie way better than the good movie we presently love.

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