Jealous Man Kills Adulterous Wife In Izzi Ebonyi State For Resisting Him From Picking Her Call

man beats wife to death ebonyi

Feb 29, 2016 – Jealous Man Beats Adulterous Wife To Death In Izzi Ebonyi State For Resisting Him From Picking Her Call

A man has killed his wife in Ndubia Inyimagu village in Izzi LGA of Ebonyi over infidelity.

The suspect identified as James Uguru beats his wife, Jacinta to death in their home when she resisted him from picking up her call.

James was said to have complained bitterly over his wife alleged infidelity. The couple was discussing in their sitting room when Jacinta’s phone rang.

A source said the woman’s phone rang; the husband rushed to pick the call but was resisted by the wife who insisted that the husband will not answer her call.

14 thoughts on “Jealous Man Kills Adulterous Wife In Izzi Ebonyi State For Resisting Him From Picking Her Call

  1. I am speechless on this incessant killing amongst married couples…I think a lot of marriages are really going SOUTH….RIP

  2. Lowo’s wounds are still fresh upon us, yet another wound has been opened. Marriage these days is a charade, a make-belief, a bow to pressure from parents or friends. God, where is this all headed?

  3. Rate of marriage couple either killing one anoda z now d news of d day…seek divorce 2 any marital abuse & unhappy home b4 z too late

  4. Why must the man rush to pick her wife’s call? Does he allow his wife to near his phone? And why must he kill the wife because of that? Can he vow that since he married his wife, he has never cheated and committed the same crime. Well you shall answer all the above questions in court and also rot in jail.

  5. Wats all dese killings amongs married couples dese days. Maybe dis is d devil new strategy. Dats y at d slightest domestic dispute, its eida d wyf killed d husband or d oda way round.

    Odawise, Y must d slightest domestic violence (e.g fon calls) nw leads 2 death? Wats rily happening my fellow Nigerians?

    Sm of us dat ar stll chronic Bachelors ar alwys hit wt fright whn we read a tin lk dis.
    May God protect us 4rm any union dat wll lead 2 regretabl goals.


  6. But let the truth to be told is not gud for a man to pick his wife call and also is not gud for a woman to pick husband calls

  7. i wonder y some men continue to give them self emotional stress, ur married to a woman that is out of control.if she cant b the wife, y still b wit her.

  8. May God have mery.Two ignorant pple driven by lust with no knowledge on wat marriage is all about are usually victims of cases like dis o.People must have to see God as de master and director of every union,unless dat is done marriage is gonna be hell to they dat neglect God as de master and captain.

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