Jim Iyke: My Girlfriend From Barbados Dumped Me As Another Man Impregnated Her


jim iyke girlfriend from barbados

Nov 11, 2017 – Jim Iyke: My Bajan Girlfriend Dumped Me, Got Pregnant For Another Man Because I Didn’t Propose To Her

Nollywood actor Jim Iyke is gradually coming out in a bid to woo more fans in the face of a damaging fraud allegation.

The actor in a chat with Saturday Beats talked about his secret girlfriend who never made it to the pages of newspaper.

Mr Ike said the true love of his life happened to be a girl from Barbados who wanted marriage but at that time he wasn’t ready to settle down.

His words;

“Compatibility and love are not enough to tie the knot. I have been in love before and the truth is that one of my best relationships never made it to the pages of the newspaper.

She was a girl from Barbados, she was a very special girl and we were together for one and a half years but I actually lost her.

There was something she wanted me to do but I could not at that point in my life because I was a little bit too crazy, hung up on fame and indecisive about life.

“She decided to make a decision for both of us by insisting I put a ring on her fingers. She wanted me to make that move or move on so that I didn’t block the space for another man because I wasn’t ready.

She moved on because she was that strong even though she suffered the consequence of not being with me for a while. By the time I realised that she was the love of my life and started backtracking, a more discerning man had taken over; that was what happened.

By the time I got back, I realised she had another man and even though I wanted to find a backdoor into her heart, I was shocked to realise that the guy is a sharpshooter because she was already pregnant for him.”