Kenneth Okonkwo, Mr Ibu, Tonto Dikeh In Nairobi Kenya For Int’l Peace Concert [PHOTOS]

kenneth okonkwo tonto dikeh peace concert

July 7, 2017 – Kenneth Okonkwo, John Okafor Mr Ibu, Tonto Dikeh In Nairobi Kenya For Int’l Peace Concert [PHOTOS]

Nollywood actor cum lawyer Barrister Kenneth Okonkwo was invited by some top organizations in Kenya to help build the country’s entertainment industry and promote peace through a concert tagged International Peace Concert.

In his company to Kenya includes AGN Abuja Chairman, Agility, Tonto Dikeh, Mr Ibu and Mrs Abia.

The event organized by Dola Kabbary Foundation and Chae Kenya Society will start today Friday July 7 and run through Saturday July 8, 2017 at Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi from 5pm till dawn.

See photos of the celebs from the meet and greet session that held at Sting Lounge in Nairobi yesterday

11 thoughts on “Kenneth Okonkwo, Mr Ibu, Tonto Dikeh In Nairobi Kenya For Int’l Peace Concert [PHOTOS]

  1. Can i kindly get to meet Kenneth Okonkwo please Before he leaves Please??? It would be an honor..Please i BEG NOW!!!!!

    • Go To Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi Kenya and tell the organizers of the peace concert you will like to see him.
      The concert will hold today and tomorrow from 5pm till dawn

  2. Mr. Ibu, please beware of Tonto. You saw what she did to her former husband and his family. I am convinced she is possessed with devils.

  3. Peace concert and then they put tonto inside,Na peace person be ibu i beg make you start to wear black and disguise dat belly.again dat pic weh yi shuns tonto make me laugh.dat tonto yi shoe carry class 5 yrs back

  4. hum! see mr ibu in belle,see his ugly face he take dey shun tonto! as i love my 2nd face things! .Hum! tonto is now as free as butterfly ,barr.kenneth Okonkwo u look so renew,thank God for ur 2nd wife and ur new son. So andy elegant marriage between u from Nsukka in Enugu state & ogechi from Awka-etiti in Anambra state d only daughter of pastor & rev mrs ezekiel of cpm church ajao estate lagos i follow witness then late 9o’s /early 2ooo’s when u live next to my aunty very close to ajao est.Police station has packed off! well all d best now but remember what bible said.

  5. my earlier comment on mr ibu is wife things not face thing as i wrote .in group picture d woman in red gown pls look for ladies over all gidle ,see ur stomaoch like kenya chimpazee .

  6. hum! tonto is now free as bird,mr ibu wetin be ur own u fine pas tonto? u do ur ugle face as i love my 2nd wife tins,hum bar.Kenneth okonkwo u look so renew,d lady in red gowN u have sagging stomaoch pls look for ladies tuck in girdle

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