I Became A Kidnapper Because A Lot Of People Are Making Money From It – Fulani Herdsman Confesses

Feb 16, 2018 – I Became A Kidnapper Because A Lot Of People Are Making Money From It – Fulani Herdsman Confesses

A kidnapper arrested in a village in Niger state recently has confessed.

The suspect, Yusuf Adamu said lack of money to start cattle business made him to join a kidnap gang.

He said he was tired of rearing goats, cattle and sheep for another person and wanted to have his own, adding that he joined abductors because he heard people made money from kidnapping.

His confession:

“The goats and sheep I reared belonged to another person and I needed money to start my own business. That was why I joined kidnappers.

“After operations, I was advised by a member of the gang to leave, but I refused because a lot of people are making money from kidnapping. I was desperate to start my business.”

“I did not tell my wife that I kidnap and there is possibility that at the end of this matter, she will divorce me. l am finished”.

The suspect was caught after a victim reported to the police that Adamu and his gang invaded his home, killed his son and kidnapped two others.

7 thoughts on “I Became A Kidnapper Because A Lot Of People Are Making Money From It – Fulani Herdsman Confesses

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  3. You cherish your wife but kidnap other people’s loved ones? May your wife see you for what you are and may your fear be realized. Mchweeew!

  4. fulanis herdmens, now 1000 persent kidnapper, road robbers, farmers kilers e.t.c God ,we dont need them, cos we have our own wicked people already, we dont want to add fulanis wahala, to join the ones we have God.

  5. Che be u want make quick money.:.im sure u will make it quicker and faster in prison.wishing u gud lock brother.:see punk head sef

  6. Hummm, fulani herdsmen today, fulani herdsmen tomorrow, kidnappers here and there, and we are watching!? No serious punishment for these idiots and all those that are partaking in kidnappings, we can’t travel at night in peace again on highways for fear of kidnappers, isn’t it a high time a law of being executed be served directly to a person that kidnap regardless of being a fulani or another tribe. It is getting worrisome by the day and the government is not doing enough, all the government does is catch a suspect confirmed kidnappers, try him in court, sent him to jail for some years after sometime, he would be granted amnesty or parole as they call it and he the Kidnapper will continue to unleash terror again. Nigerians and the government should wake up and come up with a decisive punishment once and for all for anyone caught.

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