Shocking: Kidnapper Sells 3-Year-Old Boy To Ritualists In Ogun State For N1500

kidnapper sells child 1500

July 29, 2016 – Kidnapper Who Sold 3-Year-old Boy To Ritualists For N1500 Arrested In Ogun State

A child kidnapper, Ola Ibikunle, has been detained by the police after he was caught with a four-year-old girl in the Oyero area of Ijoko, Ogun State.

It was learnt that Ibikunle, a bricklayer, had held his victim, Eniola, by the neck and was about to strangle her in an uncompleted building when he was caught by passersby.

The suspect, who confessed to have stolen another three-year-old boy and sold him for N1,500, was later handed over to operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Agbado Police Division.

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14 thoughts on “Shocking: Kidnapper Sells 3-Year-Old Boy To Ritualists In Ogun State For N1500

  1. immedately kill the Beast ,this is satan in human ,but pls let him take u to the Ritualist that buy a child for 1,500 naira, that boy is not the first and wont be last,if they dont get that Ritualist in time God have mercy.

  2. Thanks to God for the life of the little 4 years old angel but the kidnapper doesn’t look OK either looks more like some evil inside him..

    Headlines says 3..writeup says 4 but all the same, just a little a ANGEL! saved by the holy spirit.

  3. can u create life, talkess of anything, u sold some1 child for 1500. he shld be killed immediately.

  4. I wonder what scandalizes me here the more; is it that a child was kidnapped, or that he sold it for just N1,500? Is this now how cheap and low that human life has plunged to? Nigeria is just full of problems.

    • @Metu, don’t be surprised that people can now kill for common #100 Naira. A baby sold for 1500 Naira? this is outrageous. This Country has become a worst place to live after Honduras and Mexico where the gangs kill at will.

  5. Oh God, what do we do to dis lunatics, kidnapping and selling off children should now carry death sentence. Bcos d rate at which dis is going, no one is safe anymore unless drastic steps are taken.

  6. Why is he still alive? He’s supposed to have been killed. Idiotic man, who doesn’t know the pains in labour and stress in taking care of a child.

  7. @ mulikat, even if they by chance able to trace that ritualist he sold the first child to for a meagre N1,500, what makes you think they may still meet that child alive at the ritualist shrine? Do you think ritualists are running a sort of motherless babies home?

    Before hanging this man, it would be wise to milk out some important infos linking to all his ritualist customers so as to be apprehended, prosecuted and go down together.

    I take a stroll…

  8. The problem is,unless nigerian government come up with a strong law of death penalty not just to kidnappers but also to corrupt politicians,we will continue to witness the continuation of this two things without being abated. Thank God for the baby’s life. God will ever be with you.

  9. If the life of innocent child so precious to the lord worth only #1500 to him,it then means his own life is worthless as tissue paper.

  10. OMG This highest level of wickedness a man can attain… what a wicked soul.. selling a whole baby for such an amount.. i wonder y he is being detained he should have been burnt alive like @fifelomo said.

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