Kidnappers Of Aliko Dangote’s Cousin Arrested While Collecting $40,000 Ransom

dangote cousin kidnappers

Sept 18, 2012 – Kidnappers Of Aliko Dangote’s Cousin Arrested While Collecting $40,000 Ransom

A 3-man gang of kidnappers who kidnapped the cousin of business tycoon, Aliko Dangote have been arrested.

Dangote’s cousin, Yahaya Aminu was kidnapped few weeks ago by some Kidnappers in a bid to extort money from the business mogul.

Below are the names of the arrested kidnappers:

  • Pius Ubaka Livinus
  • Kenechukwu Onyema
  • Segun Ayebe.

They were arrested while collecting the $40,000 ransom at Ajah area of Lagos State Nigeria.

We learnt Pius was the one who kidnapped an Indian man in 2010 and Onyema kidnapped a Dangote staff back in February of this year.

The suspected kidnappers were paraded today at Ikeja Police Command.

They were nabbed during a special Anti-Robbery Squad coordinated search for the gang members.

11 thoughts on “Kidnappers Of Aliko Dangote’s Cousin Arrested While Collecting $40,000 Ransom

  1. i pray they should 4give dem 4 d first time, bcause they dont do it as there hobbis may be is hunger that push them to do it.

  2. Parading and doing show business is not the solution to kidnapping, decimating their population through clandestine killing the Chinese way is the solution. When last did the Chinese parade Nigerians for drugs like other Asian countries? Does that mean Nigerians don’t carry drugs there? Yes, they do. Are they being arrested? Yes of course in record numbers.But the Chinese don’t have time telling the world again about drug peddlers, they just arrest and kill them without showing their faces. That is what these idiots need. Just kill them and feed their corpses to the crocodiles.

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