Kirk Franklin Blasts Mum Of School Bus Driver Who Killed 5 Students For Saying Accident Was God’ Will


kirk franklin tennessee school bus crash

November 27, 2016 – Kirk Franklin Blasts Mother Of School Bus Driver Who Killed 5 Students In Tennessee For Saying Accident Was God’s Will 

Gospel star Kirk Franklin, has slammed the mother of the Chattanooga school bus driver charged with reckless endangerment in connection with Monday’s deadly school bus crash that killed 5 students from Woodmore Elementary after she said the accident was “God’s will”.

The Grammy Award – winning artist shared his thoughts on the tragic event in a series of tweets on Tuesday. After asking his 1.14 million followers to pray for the victims and their families, Franklin said that as a Christian, he believes it’s important to “speak out when God’s heart is misrepresented in the society.”

“It was extremely insensitive for the mother of the bus driver who killed 5 children to say ‘it was god’s will’ for it to happen,” he tweeted .

“In tragedy we see in God’s word to mourn with those who mourn, not have a theological conversation. Biblical illiteracy is real…I hurt today for those parents…and so should she.”

Franklin’s comments were made after Gwenevere Cook, the mother of the 24-yearold bus driver, Johnthony Walker, released a statement regarding the tragic incident, in which the bus swerved off the right side of the road before smacking into an elevated driveway and mailbox.

The bus then careened to the left and hit a utility pole, ending up on its side against a tree. Three of the students who died were in the fourth grade, and the other children who were killed were in kindergarten and first grade.

“A word of comfort to whom it may concern. I’m being the mother of Johnthony Walker would love to say, my heart of love is going out for all that was in harm’s way of God’s will.

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