Lady Claims Iyabo Ojo Arranges Prostitutes For Apostle Suleman, Actress Implicated In Sex Scandal


iyabo ojo arranges prostitutes suleman

March 18, 2017 – Lady Claims Iyabo Ojo Arranges Prostitutes For Apostle Suleman, Actress Implicated In Sex Scandal

Trying Times For Iyabo Ojo As Lady Says She Arranges Prostitutes For Apostle Suleiman

Before you read this story, please do not believe everything you read online, make sure there is enough evidence attached to any story you read on the social media before jumping into conclusion.

These are trying times for Nollywood Iyabo Ojo who has come under intense enemy heat days after she staged a lavish birthday party for her daughter, Priscilla.

Another faceless individual has dragged Iyabo Ojo into Apostle Suleiman’s sex scandal.

See what the lady who identified herself as Stephanie Ogbonna wrote about Iyabo Ojo;

A school of thought revealed that Iyabo Ojo is being persecuted by jealous people for celebrating her daughter’s birthday lavishly.

Let Stephanie Ogbonna step out like Stephanie Otobo if she is truly sure of all these allegations.

11 thoughts on “Lady Claims Iyabo Ojo Arranges Prostitutes For Apostle Suleman, Actress Implicated In Sex Scandal

  1. Some of this recent write up (forge allegations) maybe from Suleman’s camp to add more confusion on the real matter.

  2. LET the nonsense cease especially without a fact.go grant a press conference or keep your mouth shut

  3. Big Lie. how can u see someone for the first time in ur life and u start telling d person all ur secrets. Stephanie Ogbonna ur own side of d story is not sweet. think of something else.

  4. She can’t be lying cos all these men that call themselves pastors, apostles, men of God, they are not saints & I wish people can really open their eyes to everything that’s happening in this world as regards to ‘men of God’

  5. @Naijagists are you trusting any of this nollywood actresses? if Iyabo Ojo Is innocent of her threesome affair with Apostle Suleman or what has been revealed about her is been interpreted as a mere persecution by jealous people because of how lavishly she spent on her daughter’s birthday, then let her locate,arrest and sue that so called faceless person who did not hide her identity to court for tarnishing Iyabo Ojo’s image in the public. But I doubt if this is just a blackmail. For someone to confidently took to her instagram and say all of this about another person actually means such reporter is ever ready to prove her words with facts when been questioned by the authority. If that is not the case,then let Iyabo Ojo try hard and get her arrested and charge the matter to court as soon as possible. She shouldn’t waste any bit of time to clear her name and bring that blackmailer to justice in no time. Anything except this, many are ready to consider all what has been reported about her sex scandal with Suleman as been nothing but the truth.

  6. Accuse him of sleep with a millions lady we dont care,we only know him as a man of God and judgement belong to God,any controversial man of God must experience this type of accusations.

  7. It is not possible for Iyabo to reveal what she has done with Apostle Suleiman but all I know is Iyabo is a big time hustler. I have no doubt she has taken her business through the controversial Apostle.

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