Laide Bakare Flaunts Jeep Taken From Bisi Ibidapo – Her New Husband Is Bisi’s Ex-Lover

laide bakare dating bisi ibidapo's ex

May 13, 2013  – Laide Bakare’s New Husband Is Bisi Ibidapo’s Ex-Lover; Laide Poses With Range Rover Jeep Taken Away From Bisi

If the latest gist in town is anything to go by, Nollywood actress Laide Bakare who announced her intention to remarry after her marriage crashed last year is set to marry the former lover of fellow actress Bisi Ibidapo Obe.

According to sources in the know, the Range Rover Jeep Laide Bakare is driving around town once belonged to fellow actress Bisi Ibidapo Obe.

We learnt the former lover of Bisi bought the jeep for her during a birthday bash…. After their relationship collapsed, he took the jeep from her and gave it to Laide Bakare as a surprise gift.

The same man we learnt ordered Bisi to leave the expense apartment he rented for her in Lagos so as to accommodate Laide Bakare.

As we speak Bisi Ibidapo and Laide Bakare are not in good terms.

The former friends have been avoiding each other like enemies…

See photos of Laide Bakare posing beside Bisi Ibidapo Obe’s former jeep below

All of the above episode is like a movie.

Husband-snatching saga is very common among Nollywood stars.

35 thoughts on “Laide Bakare Flaunts Jeep Taken From Bisi Ibidapo – Her New Husband Is Bisi’s Ex-Lover

  1. Prostitutes! Cant Laide find her own husband somewhere else? Why the ex-husband of her friend and colleague, it is amazing. The same thing happened between Doris and Stella Damasus or Damascus[Laugh it off]. Seriously, ANTP or whatever body controls these prostitutes needs to set up a body that will see to moral values in the lives of its members. This is getting out of hand!

  2. Pls does this our comments get to this foolish people?????cos this snatching of a thing is turning to something else……number one Laide is INSANE cos what goes around must surely comes around…… secondly bisi too her rubbish is to much too,you dis nollywood acttress i think u ar all MAD little sence una no get

  3. Best advise to fellow Nigerian women
    Never invite nollywood cheap prostitute to your house or gatherings . They will snatched every availabe prick including ur dog’s
    they are all useless

  4. one husband, one child,is a trend in yoruba movie genre of Nollywood. therefore, i am not surprised.Asewo, that is what they all are!

    • Joseph abeg stp running ur mouth n stp takin side……. Wher do put Stella, Genevive, Monica n co. Ar dey yoruba too. Let call a spade,a spade

  5. prostitute all of them, a good parent would not allow his child to go into that nolly, its prostitution all the way, desperate and hungry ladies, looking for cheap popularity with fetishness. May God help our land. Someone ur colleague has slept wt is now ur meat u call husband, dirty HIVS. Just like Komolafe was sleeping with oluomo someones former husband.PIGS GAT NO SHAME


  7. Just started!
    Later you guys will be going from one place to another to seek an evil power against each other because of man?Many are there to marry you and you will have happiness life for ever and ever.PLEASE,GIRLS CHANGE AND LIVING A GOOD LIFE.

  8. Most of d actress were promiscuous in habit. they art and they do not acted well in their character.

  9. Dey ar al prostitud,husband snatchers dats hw dey behave.who knws hw many homes dey hv broken jus becuz of money,d luv of money is d root of evry evil.laide jus remember dis whts goes aroun cums around,al of u shal reap wht u sow.asawo

  10. Outsmarting is a form of acting. This is what nollywood is about. The smarter the better.

  11. I wonder W♠‎​τ’s morals dey are teaching us in there stupid films. Law of karma noone escapes it, not even ♍ƺ.I pity all of una bad bad.

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