Largest Building In The World 2013 Opens In China (Pictures)

world's largest building china

July 3rd, 2013 – Largest Building In The World 2013 Officially Opens In China After 3 Years Of Construction (Photos)

The largest building in the world has opened for business in the heart of China.

The building that housed 20 Sydney Opera Houses has been named The New Century Global Center. It’s located in Chengdu city, Sichuan Province.

Apart from Opera houses, the 19 million sq. ft building has several shopping centers and a Mediterranean village.

largest building in the world 2013

It also housed several hotels, a water park and an ice-skating rink.

World’s largest building 2013’s size

The 19 million sq. ft building is 500 m long, 400m wide  & 100m high.

world's largest building in china

world's largest building 2013

Chinese officials have declared the building the world’s largest freestanding building and it took about 3 years for the construction to complete.

An artificial sun is built inside the giant complex to provide light and heat 24 hours a day for shoppers exploring the 400,000 sq. metres of boutiques and stores.

Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid designed the building.

7 thoughts on “Largest Building In The World 2013 Opens In China (Pictures)

  1. Indeed this is the largest building man it is fucking huge a lot of business is going to happen in this building i mean a village in a building ? that is crazy really china is really taking the world by storm

  2. China ku inawo ile omo o ni ba gbese e nle; It’s all a about show off. Have they consider economy down-turns it will create in the future as well as the maintenance of the buildings inside building. Because, I’m of the opinion that they must have borrow the money from other nation to execute the projects. Many Nations have done greater things in the past, which their citizens are bearing the brunch (economy wise).

  3. Somepeople are just fool, for someone that is educated to be asking how a commerce center will bring food to peoples table show ignorance and lack of understanding.the construction alone had given people food not to talk of the activities that will be going on there.maintenance of the place has created jobs already. Fool on the net.

  4. Some people are just punks that doesn’t know what basic knowledge is. Nigeria did Festac ’77 built National Theatre, what is the outcome or effect of it on Nigeria economy and how much job does it creates, couple with the condition of the building today? Then it was number one in West Africa if not in the whole of Africa. If you don’t know, do your fact finding and analysis before running your stinking mouth on people next time. Because I’m sure you weren’t born during Festac ’77. Even US government the richest nation on Earth borrowed money from other Nations. The impact of which is reflecting on their economy nationwide as at now.

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