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Confession Of Man Who Killed Girlfriend, LASU Final Year Student For Money Ritual

lasu final year student killed boyfriend ritual

Shocking Confession Of Man Who Killed Girlfriend, LASU Final Year Student For Money Ritual

Suspected ritualist 23- year-old Adeeko Owolabi has given insight into how the supposedly missing final year female student of the Lagos State University, Ojo, Miss Favour Daley-Oladele,22, was lured to a far away church in Osun State.

Owolabi, allegedly, lured her to a white garment church in Ikoyi – Ile, Osun, where he brutally murdered the girl while she was sleep by using pestle to crush her head and thereafter, her organs were harvested for ‘get – rich – quick’ money making concoction.

Owolabi and Favour until her betrayal and gruesome killing, were lovers and she was said to be looking forward to seeing the two of them becoming husband and wife in future, but unknown to her that Owolabi harbours a different and sinister agenda.

He told the Police detectives in Ogun State that he elected to use the girl friend, Favour, for money ritual ostensibly to lift his family out of gripping poverty, explaining that things haven’t been rosy anymore with them.

He was allegedly assisted in the crime by a self – acclaimed pastor of the white garment church in Ikoyi – Ile, Osun, Segun Philip, who removed the heart of the girl and fed Owolabi and his mother with the concoction prepared with Favour’s heart.

The Police Public Relations Officer in Ogun State, Abimbola Oyeyemi, who made this known in a release on Sunday said detectives from Mowe Division of the Ogun State Police Command, arrested the Owolabi, his mother and Pastor Philip.

Abimbola stated: “A self acclaimed pastor of a white garment church, Segun Philip, 42, was arrested together with a 23years old boy Adeeko Owolabi over the killing of a final year Theater Art student of Lagos State University Favour Daley-Oladele.

“The deceased was reported to have left home to an unknown destination since on the 8th of December 2019 and has not been seen since then, hence she was reported missing by her parents at Mowe Police Station.

“The DPO Mowe division, Marvis Jayeola detailed his crack detectives to unravel the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of the 22 years old girl.

The detectives went into full scale technical and forensic investigation of the case and their efforts paid off when the movement of the deceased was traced to a white garment church in far away Ikoyi-Ile in Osun State being pastored by one Segun Philip.

“On getting to the church, the self acclaimed pastor was promptly arrested but he was quick to inform the detectives that the girl was brought to him by her boyfriend, Adeeko Owolabi, who was still within the vicinity of the church. The said boyfriend was traced and apprehended immediately.

“He confessed to the police that the deceased was his girlfriend and that he lured her to Ikoyi-Ile where he has perfected plans with the so-called pastor Segun Philip to use her for money making ritual.

“He stated further that while the girl was sleeping, the pastor gave him a pestle with which he used to smashed the head of the girl and the pastor quickly used a knife to cut off her neck, ripped open her chest and removed her heart which he used in preparing a concoction for him and his mother to eat.

“When asked what pushed him to such devilish act, Owolabi explained that he decided to go into money ritual because things are not going well with his parents economically most especially his mother who used to be the breadwinner of the family; and when he sought for assistance from the pastor, he was asked to bring a human being for that purpose and the available person at that time was his girlfriend.

“The Commissioner of Police, Kenneth Ebrimson has directed that the suspects be transferred to the Homicide Section of the State criminal investigation and intelligence department for proper investigation.

The CP who described the gruesome murder of the deceased as high degree of wickedness, has vowed to ensure that all the suspects face the full wrath of the law.”



  1. Lola Akala

    December 29, 2019 at 9:46 PM

    Generation of evil doers. U look too clean for murder.
    May u never be forgiven. May u live the rest of ur life in trouble

  2. POKES

    December 29, 2019 at 11:16 PM

    Money ritualist?????? You see how it works in prison through your whole life

  3. Jilo

    December 30, 2019 at 8:59 PM

    This is cruel and terrific! how in the world would a woman connived with her son to use another man’s daughter for money ritual? all motherhood around the Globe should place a curse on this woman.The height of inhumane about this case is about eating the heart of this young woman why? all because they want to be rich, famous and belong to the group of Billionaires, after that what next? so, has it ever cross your mind that there is punishment for your sin and you cannot escape it, you really don’t care. You Babalawo that called yourself A Pastor, you will start to account for your evil deed right from the prison system of this earth .
    There are some sins that are unforgiving this is an example. If the family of that girl forgive you and God refuses to forgive you what will you do?

    The most annoying part of this issue is how this imbecile Pastor was bragging that he will soon be out of detention. From his statement one can discover that he has someone in the corridor of power who can bail him out. These are the politicians who he had helped doing the same dirty job by using human parts to attain their position. We are in problem in this Country because a Criminal is even guarantee his freedom before reaching the Court system. We want to continue in this trend and have that believe that Nigeria is going to turn out good, folks we are just deceiving ourselves. No amount of prayer can halt this unless if we make up our mind to change the situation ourselves. If people could aware about the consequence of their action, they will stop this crime. This guy may not even spend a night in prison because of how corrupt our system is. In a Country of law these criminal already received their death sentencing without going to the court.

    Now to all remaining patriots, let join our hand and demand for justice on behave of late victim. This young girl must not die in vain. Injustice for this deceased is injustice to all Nigerians.

  4. Yinka

    December 31, 2019 at 5:07 PM

    I hope the 3 of them have been hung by now. There is no place amongst human beings for such filth.

  5. aadebara

    January 1, 2020 at 11:03 AM

    Hmm! It sound strange…this is not new in this type of the world we lived in. Ritual or no ritual we are all indebted to death, unfortunately Favour melted her own untimely and I prayed God forgive your killers even as they regretted their actions. I pray for her to rest well in the bosom of thy Almighty. This should serve as a deterrent to many of us who still think there is blood money, don’t be deceive…

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