LaTascha Emanuel: Female US Pastor Who Preaches With Boobs – How Men Flock To Her Church

pastor preaches with boobs

March 6, 2013 – La Tascha Emmanuel: Female US Pastor Preaches With Boobs – How Men Flock To Her Church

Meet a new female US pastor who preaches with her boobs all out.

Her name is LaTascha Emanuel and she claims she is married though her husband has never been spotted with her.

One of her popular message is “The Gospel From The STRIPPER POLE”.

According to sources La Tascha Emanuel, the founder of Latascha Emanuel ministries based in Fayetteville, NC is an agent of the devil who uses seduction to lure willing men to her church.

“She is possessed by a Jezebel spirit to lure weak men”…… said a US source

We learnt 85% of her church members are men. She also has a stripper pole in her church where she pole dance.

“I am a unconventional minister set aside for an unconventional time such as this reaching the world with the gospel and grace of Jesus Christ” – Latascha described herself

The end-time is indeed here…ah han! It is actually real, she purposely let the tiddays out – smh, maybe it’s some kind of fashion anyways, but such fashion shouldn’t be brought into God’s house at all now! she even has a tattoo on it….

It’s hard to believe that a Pastor would engage in this kind of provocative dressing while preaching the gospel.  Well, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and hope that she DIDN’T KNOW that her boobies were out.

God have mercy…. end time is indeed here.

Video removed by request…..

24 thoughts on “LaTascha Emanuel: Female US Pastor Who Preaches With Boobs – How Men Flock To Her Church

  1. Why would they allow such in that county? They should have taken it down what sort of nonsence is that. indeed the end is here may God save us all

  2. The Gospel from the Stripper’s Pole isnt quite appropriate——so when you see her with her Body EXPOSED, it ought not be a shocker. She probably just needs to sit for a while and get some seasoning. I guarantee she got saved and ran with it; not realizing that it matters what you look like. You dont have to choke from a neck-line and trip over a hemline, but you do (especially as a woman) need to be modest. How can we get others delivered if we look just like them? What standard do we display? Those drawn will do just what this woman did, jump & run. I am sure that she thought she could come as she was and remain that way. You can not. There must be a transformation (metamorphosis); renewing of the mind.

    • @ Elder Angelia,
      I actually like your approach…lets not be quick to cast the stone, lets help out. the question is, who converted her i mean who preached to her? its time that person did a bit of mentoring! Christ admonishes that we make an effort to see that our fruits abide!
      God bless you.


  4. Please point of correction. You do not call that satanic place of gathering Christian Church and you do not call her a pastor, but rather an agent of the evil forces.

  5. She is demonic and can’t preaching for the Christ the Bible told me about. AntiChrist is manifesting in her.

  6. @Ester
    But what she is doing is totally wrong how can she do that and those shaddy ass men will come to her church if she were here in nigeria,she would have been killed for christ sake she is a woman the society has changed the body of a woman to garbage

  7. @Elder Angelia
    But what she is doing is totally wrong how can she do that and those shaddy ass men will come to her church if she were here in nigeria,she would have been killed for christ sake she is a woman the society has changed the body of a woman to garbage

  8. All these are d signs of end time. She’s not a pastor but an angel of darkness. May God deliver her.

  9. We should pray for God’s direction in whatever we is a free will . We should save ourselves while we can and accept the world is coming to an end but if u what to help someone pray for them.

  10. i will keep on warning those who have hear to hear, stay clear of many strange things coming from america in this endtime. the core evil in that society is going to reach out for the soul of many world wide. the un-discerning is going to be victims. the nation is going through a preparation of ground for one of the greatest apostacy the world has ever seen. this is in line with what the anti-christ will do later. real christianity shall be taken out of the way and devil inspired heresyand apostacy will come in. Hollywood has been doing the groundwork for a long time in films like “the da vinci code”. she might as well be a member of their witchraft coven sent out to portray the church of Christ as unserious, and the serious as unloving and hateful. this will set the stagefor the persecution of the real followers of Christ. All of them are claiming to hear from God to do all these abominations, but ask them if it is not writtn that “the Kingdom of God is not in words, but in power.” yet they are all talkers. talk is cheap. no power of God to back it up becuase Holy Spirit will not stay in filthy environment. it is sad. Spirit of Seduction and Manipultaion is what i saw when i viewed her. she is not leading anyone to the Lord but to her boobs. SO SAD.

  11. This woman has the spirit of Anti Christ working in her, she and her so called ministry is nothing more than a strip club men are using to fulfill their sick and twisted fantasies. This woman and her members are disgusting and disgraceful. This Jezebel truly deserves to be stoned for how she Is disrespecting my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. And for all of you on this post that are professed Christians even remotely coming to her defense in any kind of way, shame on you. Only evil people support other evil people, you need to examine your heart. If you’re ok with a woman, btw God never chose one woman to Pastor in the bible ever, to sit in front of men, women, and children with her boobs out while talking about the love of God you’re just as nasty and perverted as she is. This woman is Sick!!!

  12. She ment to do it. I was told that she go to a church where the Pastor like for his female members to wear things like that and do this like that. And that her Pastor Marion J. Wade was once kicked out of his former church for having sex with his members you can look him up on the fayetteville observer news paper. He also teaches them that its ok to have oral S*x and not be married…. What is the world coming to he pastor a church that has about 100 members from what I was told. I tryed to contact him. He also have videos up on youtube telling females to keep there minds hot and there P**sy Wet….

  13. All of this could be summed up in Proverbs 5. This woman is the exact example of the type of woman to avoid in life. This woman is not of God; she’s a puppet of the devil.

  14. I pray she will one day come across the passage of 1 Timothy 2:9-10 “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with brioded hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works” (KJV).
    My prayers is for God her truly come to the knowledge of truth and do His will.

  15. Children, It must be important to not judge others.
    As I read through these posts, I understand your passion, but notice accounts of “She is not saved”, “She Is the spirit of the Anti Christ”, “stay clear of her preaching”, where she preaches is a Satinic Church, and so on.

    Listen judgment is for eh Lord only. You, nor I have the RIGHT to pass judgment, lest yours is even worse. Who do you think you are? The PRIMARY teaching of Jesus is to bring yourselves humbly lower than ALL OTHERS so that ALL can be gathered to the church.

    Of course, her method is not the same as many. She is bringing people to listen to her. you suposedation of her doing bad things, you judgment is far worse than anything she is doing. Judgment from “Christians” turns people off to the church. would you want YOUR judgement to be reason another sould is lost? THAT price to pay will be far worse than going to hell in the first place. Clean up your act.
    Too much hoopla is given about the human body. its a gift from God and should be cherished as such. Chose to like it r not, it is still not yours to judge.

    • Nobody is passing judgement on anybody. Look at the way she presents herself when she quotes the scriptures from the Bible while she dresses provocative and is showing her cleavage on video. I’m really confused like “What was the reason for her to be showing her breasts on camera while preaching the Gospel?” This is the type of embarrassment that has been shown to people who watch her videos.

  16. Firstly I would like to say that before you write an article it is customary to research your subject.
    I first came across Latascha Emmanuel on YouTube completely by accident. I was drawn to her image but quickly grew tired of it and began listening to what she had to say. She is articulate and knowledgeable and speaks with great conviction.
    During the course of her videos her husband does appear beside her and also joins in some discussions. There have also been videos of her preaching in her church where she is not dressed provocatively and there is no stripper pole in sight. In addition, the congregation appears to be made up of both men and women in equal measure. In her videos she also speaks honestly about her past before being married including her tattoos and why she got them and why they are still important (as a reminder of where she has been not where she is going)

    I find it hard to believe that men would simply come to church to see a women showing her cleavage, images that you can see everyday via the internet, on local beaches and even on daytime television. If Latascha Emmanuel has that much strength over men then it says as much about the man than it does about her and her methods.

    For those who claim to know the scriptures and who are so quick to cast the first stone let me remind you that Esther used her sexuality by not only dressing provocatively but by also deliberately setting out to seduce a King in order to save her people from death and gain power and there is a whole book dedicated to her in the Old Testament.
    You are not here to judge, only God can do that. In the same way you cast doubt on Latascha Emmanuel for her methods of teaching, you should also cast doubts on your qualifications in terms of judging others.

    Finally @PrinceOtobongItuen, @Dee, @Mike, @Stephy and @Adejo, You all talk as if you are innocent and pure of heart when in reality your words speak of ancient rituals. Maybe she needs to be burnt at the stake, would that satisfy your primitive ideals? You get your information from rumours and newspapers, is that the extent of your research. I wonder how many of you have checked out any of her sermons online or elsewhere. How many of you have been to her church to see for yourself how she ministers? And yet you speak on behalf of God and Jesus Christ. It was the Lord Our God that gave her the body that she has to do with what she wants. If you could put as much passion into worshiping God as you put into your condemnation of Ms Emmanuel then perhaps you would all be nicer people.

    I’m not saying that what she is doing is right but then who am I, you or anyone else to say that it is wrong?

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