Latest News On Ibadan Killer Wife Yewande Oyediran Fatoki: Judge Absent, Trial Postponed

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Oct 25, 2016 – Latest On Ibadan Killer Wife Yewande Oyediran Fatoki Case: Judge Absence Stalls Trial, Suspect Returns To Agodi Prison

Lowo Oyediran’s Killer, Yewande Oyediran Fatoki’s Trial Postponed

If the story making rounds in Ibadan is anything to go by, the family of late Lowo Oyediran may not get the justice their deceased loved one justly deserved if highly influential Yewande Oyediran manages to get away with murder.

As it stands, the former staff of the Director of Public Prosecution in Oyo State Ministry of Justice who allegedly stabbed her husband to death in Akobo area of Ibadan on the 2nd of February 2016 may soon be acquitted because she is using her position to cover up the murder case which has been on and off since February.

The case which has been postponed several times came up for hearing at an Ibadan High Court yesterday, but the planned absence of the Presiding Judge, Justice Munta Abimbola has forced the court to postpone the trial.

The new hearing date is now November 9 2016.

Ibadan-based lawyer cum husband killer, Yewande has pleaded not guilty to a one-count charge of murder brought against her.

According to fillers in the ancient city of Ibadan, the accused is now back at Agodi Prison where she is being treated like a Queen.

Hope late Lowo Oyediran will get a well-deserved justice in this matter because no human has the right to take a life he/she can’t create.

lowo oyediran murder trialLate Oyediran

May his soul continue to rest in the bosom of his creator.

5 thoughts on “Latest News On Ibadan Killer Wife Yewande Oyediran Fatoki: Judge Absent, Trial Postponed

  1. I strongly suspects connection is at work here. Chai Lowo, see how handsome you were, I dont know what you really saw in this imported monkey husband killer of a wife that made you even proposed to her in the first place?
    Ugly both inside and outside.

    See now, you are six feet below and she‘s alive and kicking.
    Wherever you are, pls RIP and may Justice prevail over all the connections and money being sunk into this case to avoid prosecution.

    I take a stroll…

  2. ……and this case is fast becoming a mess. I sometimes heard yewande was pregnant. Its a pity, Lowo is long gone. If earthly judge fails to give the right judgement, Almighty God willnt fail to judge. Such a handsome man is no more. Continue to rip Lowo. Yewande die no more.

  3. I blamed the deceased for being a mud head, why leave white pretty french lady and settle down with a Nigerian unattractive,rude,churchy bitch.only Idiots those that,he paid with his life for being a fool.

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