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Linda Ikeji Pregnant Before Wedding & Out Of Wedlock At 36, Banana Island Big Girl Disgraces Self

linda ikeji pregnant out wedlock

By Chinenye Ukoh

There Is No Justification For Premarital Pregnancy, It Is Dishonourable..No Good Role Model Should Do It Intentionally

Linda Ikeji Pregnant Before Wedding, Out Of Wedlock At 36, Banana Island Big Girl Disgraces Self After Preaching Against Sex Before Marriage

A woman most Nigerian women see as a role model just messed up despite her wealth and societal status.

This is a woman many women look up to as she is believed to be a woman of her word.

Sadly, she has put her fans and lovers to shame after “getting  belle” for a mystery man just because of age.

To you madam, even if you must get belle, you should at least go to court and legalise your marriage unless if you are dating another woman’s husband.

In the absence of this, you have no justification for glorifying Premarital pregnancy.

Remember how you used to encourage celibacy before now, even if age is not on your side, madam, why not at least go to court so that other ladies who look up to your for advise will not fall into the same baby mama trap.

To other women out there who have fallen into the same temptation, you are not at fault because you didn’t preach against it.

I’m holding you Linda responsible for this because you have started a trend most young Nigerian girls will now follow.

It is shameful to now encourage premarital sex and pregnancy after preaching against it all your life.

My dear Nigerian sisters who are already single mothers don’t take offence to this, I’m not talking to una, I’m addressing that holier than though “Banana Island Big girl” who just opened doors for more baby mamas.

I’m bashing her for misleading the very ones who now see her as a demi-god and role model.

No harsh feeling about that innocent baby, wishing you safe delivery.

Ladies here is a personal advise to una.

Be responsible for your life, if possible don’t get pregnant before marriage because it is not honourable.

Men still love and appreciate women who wait till after marriage to get pregnant.

As a busy mother of three, I remember a night my husband praised me for making it tough for him before we got married.

He begged me to join him so we can imbibe the same discipline in our daughter.

linda ikeji baby daddy

Don’t let Linda Ikeji or others discourage you, it is still very honourable to wait till after marriage before you “carry belle”.

If you get belle before marriage, that doesn’t make you a sinner either unless if you’ve preached against it before like Linda.

Now let us stop bashing Linda Ikeji but it won’t hurt to set the record straight for my sisters who are yet to fall into the same baby mama trap.

And to those who are in it by accident or by fate, don’t feel bad about it,  you are not to be blamed.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Joyful Amaka

    May 21, 2018 at 10:39 PM

    I love the ending of the article becasue most single mothers are victims of rape, heart break and wicked lovers

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