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Popular Nollywood Actors, Nigerian Movie Stars Who Have Relocated To The United States Of America

nigerian actors relocated moved united states america

List Of Top 10 Nollywood Actors, Nigerian Movie Stars Who Have Relocated To The United States Of America

Here is an interesting report of popular Nollywood actors who have left the shores of Nigeria permanently and why they made the convenient decision.

Joseph Benjamin: The actor who was involved in a lot of drama after quitting his marriage decided to relocate to the US permanently in December 2016.

Image result for joseph benjamin naijagistsSince his relocation, the actor has not returned to Nigeria as he has found himself working round the clock to hit it big in the American movie industry.

Femi Ogedengbe: The actor who currently works as a security guard in the US left the shores of Nigeria over 6 years ago due to extreme poverty.

Image result for femi ogedengbe naijagists

Stella Damasus: She reportedly left after her ‘unholy romance’ crashed the marriage of movie director and filmmaker Daniel Ademinokan and Doris Simeon. Stella who left Nigeria in a disgraceful state is now happily married to Ademinokan.

Image result for stella damasus naijagists

Mistura Asunramu: The naturalised US citizen relocated to Nigeria years back to build her acting career but returned shortly to raise her family.

Image result for mistura asunramu naijagists

Babajide Owokoniran: He left Nigeria few years ago to raise a family in the US. He is now a proud father and an accomplished family man. He do shuttles between Nigeria and the US for acting projects.

Image result for babajide owokoniran naijagists

Yomi Gold: Yomi Gold who married an American relocated to the US over 5 years ago.

Image result for yomi gold naijagists
Big Val Jokotoye: Just like Yomi Gold, Big val is also married to a Nigerian-American.

Image result for bigval jokotoye naijagists

Hanks Anuku: The actor who left the shores of Nigeria to Ghana about 8 years ago has since moved to the US.

Image result for hanks anuku naijagists

Lola Margaret: She was a popular face in Atlanta Georgia before a fraud case forced her to withdraw from public functions.

Image result for lola margaret naijagists

Joseph Okechukwu: This popular actor is now a Proud American courtesy of his wife.

Image result for joseph okechukwu naijagists

Bukky Wright: She is currently enjoying herself in the US, though she still shuttles between the United States and Nigeria, the actress spends most of her time there.

Image result for bukky wright naijagists

Bayose Bankole aka Boy Alinco: Actor/comedian was the first to relocate to the US among his colleagues. He was lucky to land in US with green card visa lottery.

Image result for boy alinco naijagists
Rasaq Ajao Arosan: Just like Boy Alinco, the comic actor was among those who won US visa lottery.

Image result for rasaq araosan naijagists

Soji Omobanke: Playboy as he is fondly called started his journey of relocating to abroad when he married a Canadian socialite who is way older than him, their marriage crashed months after he met a Nigerian American.

Image result for soji omobanke naijagistsHe has now permanently relocated to the US. Though he is still active on movie sets, the actor spends more time in the US than Nigeria.



  1. Amanda

    May 28, 2018 at 5:40 PM

    I don’t blame them.

    How I wish PMB is in his 50s to be bale to handle madness in nigeria?.

    I will continue to support him but i just wish him to retire from politics for his own health related issues.

    That’s the only condition that holds me back.

    I support him bcus during his election campaign, I can tell he wished the country good. That time i was visited by a so called uncle of mine in the US who lived with me for 3 months. The man wished Buhari never won. He worked hard to achieve this but failed.

    What he said that time gave me a clue that nigeria has a long way to go bcus there are nigerians who dont wish the country any good. The so called uncle said, after Buhari won, that he would be killed if he cut off those illegal means of making money. Reason he said this was bcus he was dealing with a governor who wanted to buy brand new latest Toyota Jeep (2015) for his friends and girl friends. About 100 of them. According to this uncle who deals in car auction in the US, he would charge the governor $100k for each vehicle. Vehicle that only cost about 40k each. That’s 60k profit on each. And he said governor already signed the deal in the middle of presidential election but he was too busy to execute the money transfer to foreign account to be paid to my uncle. He said the governor didnt even dispute the price. shaking my head.

    This is how they wasted money. So this silly uncle tried hard to get the money but they couldn’t conclude whose account in the US money would be transfered. He talked to me to give up my bank account. I was like hell no. Where do you want me to say i got the money from to IRS?. So he tried other people and the deal was almost reached when Buhari won. Buhari quickly made move to block those avenues and shut down the deal. This silly uncle cursed the hell out of Buhari when the governor told him he can’t move the money bcus new govt is scrutinizing everything. That’s how this uncle lost the deal.

    The stupid uncle owes me 5000 USD and still doesn’t pay me back. Now if this man could do this, imagine how many more of this was going on at that time?. This is how they ran down economy. Nigerians are greedy and I am not entertaining any visitors at my house anymore from nigeria.

    Nigerians, at least many lack patriotism. Too much of I don’t care attitude.

  2. iron bar

    May 28, 2018 at 6:15 PM

    you ve started your lies again..its your apc aso rock leader and herdsmen terrorists that chased them away

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