Love Oyedepo’s White Wedding Pictures: Bishop Oyedepo’s Daughter Weds

love oyedepo white wedding photos

March 23, 2013 – Love Oyedepo’s White Wedding Pictures: Bishop Oyedepo’s Daughter Weds

The God of double portion has done it for the first daughter of Winners Chapel founder, Bishop David Olayini Oyedepo.

Papa’s first daughter, Love Oyedepo married her lover, Stephen Ogah in style today at Canaanland in Ota, Ogun State.

Stephen Ogah is a Pastor at Winners chapel and a personal assistant to Bishop David Oyedepo.

See the first set of photos from Love Oyedepo‘s  white wedding below.

Bishop Oyedepo’s Daughter, Love’s White Wedding Pictures

love oyedepo daughter wedding pics

Happy married life to Love and Stephen.

20 thoughts on “Love Oyedepo’s White Wedding Pictures: Bishop Oyedepo’s Daughter Weds

  1. LOVE!LOVE!!LOVE!!! =LOVE is an essential ingredient in marital relationship.No relationship will last if it is absent, but if it is present, it can turn challenges to testimonies and problems into victories. LOVE, is the cornerstone and the greatest building block of a healthy,lasting,happy and successful, marital relationship. Love, is the power that sustain the family and everything in the home revolves around LOVE. Where love is lost, home is wrecked and ruined because marriage is based upon the vows of LOVE. I was there today, i saw everything, LOVE nd STAVE congrat may God Bless ur union Amen

  2. This better than going to Dubai and spend tax payers money for the same marriage u can do perfectly well at home thank u and happy marriage life

  3. People can trAvel to anywhere to celebrate their wedding, it is their interest thAt matters, but couple who do so might but other things into consideration age of the parents, cost of everything they would need, if it iS cool for them to do something different they go for it. It is not a new thing for couples to go outside their country to marry with friends and family. Let just wish them best of luck. Congrats to the family of Bishop Oyedepo and his in-law. May God bless their union in JesuS name

  4. I think 2face made himself clear y his weddin went d way it did. Like he said for d respect he has for his oda baby mamas. All d same HML to d Oyedepos n Idibias

  5. Anything that is good is definitely from God Almighty. this is one of those good things God alone does. Happy married life to love nee Oyedepo and steve Ogah.

  6. love is the strongest weapon,the home is built on love, peace and humnity, thank God for love has found her trop.GOD bless this unioun happy married life… twins oh…

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