Lover Man Gets 6 Strokes Of Cane For Touching Lady’s Buttock In Abuja

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August 11, 2016 – Lover Man Gets 6 Strokes Of Cane For Touching Lady’s Buttock In Abuja

A court in Abuja today  sentenced 26-year-old Wilfred Inacho to six strokes of the cane for fondling a lady’s buttocks.

Inacho, a welder, pleaded guilty to a one-count charge of mischief.

The judge, Mr Umar Kagarko passed the sentence with no option of fine.
The convict, who showed remorse, said it was not intentional as he only wanted the lady to like him.

Kagarko, while admonishing the convict to desist from indecency, asked him to find a decent approach towards women.

“You don’t go about touching a woman’s buttock simply because you want her to like you.
“Find a decent approach,” the judge said.

The police prosecutor, Mr Augustine Urom, told the court that one Miss Alice Adejo reported the matter at Apo police station on Aug. 10.

He said the convict had formed a habit of leaving his work to follow the complainant every time she passed by his workshop.
Urom said the complainant had warned the convict many times but he kept on.

“She even reported him to his master,” he said.

Urom said she could no longer endure the act when he crossed the line by touching her buttocks.
The prosecutor said the act contravened section 327 of the Penal Code.

10 thoughts on “Lover Man Gets 6 Strokes Of Cane For Touching Lady’s Buttock In Abuja

  1. It be like say her yansh is big weyris make that man not know when he touch am. Womens are not do good thing. How are you come outside for mayroad when you know say your yansh is big? You sopos to de inside the house. If is something you are wanted to buy, make you finding small pikin to be sending. If you no see small pikin so be sending, make you find plank to cover your yansh bicos odinary cloth is not fit cover big yansh. Is put mens for tentation.

  2. See as ikebe put him for trouble o ! And the man is even an apprentice on his job with apparently no steady source of income yet. Mr. Man, hold tour longer throat and apply again when you don obtain “Freedom” and don get your own workshop you hear? The six strokes of cane na because you be first offender. Don’t do so again or it will be jail term with twelve strokes of cane daily.
    Ye ye longer throat man !!!

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