Lowo Oyediran Murder Trial Postponed As Yewande Fatoki’ Landlord Demands N0.5Million For Transport

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Nov 12, 2016 – Lowo Oyediran Murder Trial Postponed Again As Yewande Fatoki’s Landlord Demands N0.5Million For Transport

The hearing in the trial of the former staff of the Ministry of Justice, Oyo State, Yewande Oyediran, who allegedly murdered her husband, Lowo, on February 2, 2016 at Akobo, Ibadan, was Wednesday stalled following absence of two witnesses expected to testify in the matter.

The two prosecution witnesses: Chief John Adelodun Akinpelu and Mrs Esther Akinpelu, were landlord and landlady to late Lowo and Yewande at their former Akobo residence. They decided not to come and testify because a sum of N500,000 they had requested from the prosecution counsel: Sanyo Akinyele, to cover their past and future transport expenses, had not been paid them.

The demand made via a letter to the counsel and which was transmitted to the court, however, drew the ire of the Judge, Mukthar Abimbola, who said that a witness has no right to dictate to the court the condition in which he can attend the court to testify, more so when he is served with witness summons.

Following, Akinyele’s please that a sum of N5,000 be made available for each of the witnesses to attend the court, the Chief Judge in his ruling ordered that the Chief Registrar of the court should approve the sum assessed to be sufficient for the expenses of the witnesses from Adobe to Ring Road. “The N5,000 should be paid in certified cheque to each of the witnesses”.

Aside Akinyele, who was the private prosecutor, counsel in the court also included those watching brief for the family of Lowo led by Chief Abayomi Ali, as well as Mr Femi Aborisade who was watching brief for the “Women Arise” led by Dr. Joe Odumakin. On the defence side was Abioye Oloyede Ashanke.

6 thoughts on “Lowo Oyediran Murder Trial Postponed As Yewande Fatoki’ Landlord Demands N0.5Million For Transport

  1. I AM surprised to hear of a thing called “witness summon”, as if a man does not have the right to choose either or not to testify before a court. That’s by the way.

    I THINK this landlord and the landlady should reconsider what kind of demands they make. Let it not be that they are trying to shrewdly enrich themselves at the expense of the late Lowo.

  2. N500, 000 are they coming from abroad to testify or what?
    Economic recession is biting hard at people’s pockets so people are milking every situation they suspect is milk-able. Na wa o!!

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