Majek Fashek Chained At His Ipaja, Lagos Home After Running Mad

majek fashek chained mad

Feb 4, 2013 – Majek Fashek Chained At His Ipaja, Lagos Home After Running Mad

Nigerian reggae star Majekodunmi Fasheke popularly called Majek Fashek has been chained to a spot in his Ipaja home in Lagos State Nigeria after he allegedly ran mad.

According to eyewitnesses in Majek Fashek’s area, since his release by his alleged kidnappers in January of this year, the famous reggae singer has gone wild.

Area residents claim Majek Fashek’s mental health problem has worsened.

He is often spotted playing his guitar while kids make mockery of him at bus stops in the area.

Because of his mental health issue, he has been chained to a spot at his home in order for facilitate recovery.

He was admitted to the hospital few weeks back over substance abuse problem but his condition didn’t get any better.

See weed wahala. Igbo don finish for town eyah.

May God heal this man.

34 thoughts on “Majek Fashek Chained At His Ipaja, Lagos Home After Running Mad

  1. Wen u dey tak al those ur nonsense u dey fil lyk big boi nw d tin don mak u turn 2 big dog**4 ur next life if u c paper wai dem rap u go run

  2. It’s a pity he’s mad, i hope this will serve as a warning to those who still engage in such irresponsive attitutde. God help Mejek!!

  3. Fasek condition needs a serious attention 4rm both friends & family. Govt should not wait to participate in the burial, but 2 assist now. he should not end his life like ds. I wish him quick recorvery.

  4. You all got to be ashamed of yourselves. That’s our mentality. We are too quick to forget. He was a great guy in the past. He made us all dance in the past. Now he is going through problems and everyone is talking nonsense. Why don’t you all remove the logs in your own eyes before pulling out his speck. In other words, all of you should go to hell.

      • my guy for life u will everly remain great I remain ur fan for life. not minding ur present codition. jah almighty will hear our prayers for u and must come to ur aid. ja bless ur soul amen

  5. Eeh ya! what a life,his only option is to accept christ as his personnal lord and saviour cos dts d only way he can be saved from all those trrouble a word they say is enough for d wise

  6. It’s sad, really sad end. Why I don’t advocate any form of smoking which is bad according to d Bible, cos it pollute the body which is d temple of God. However I can tell u authoritatively that IGBO did nt play any part in this unless he had been using other hard drugs that leads to dis. Youth learn from dis, most especially those who want to rise to d top irrespective of wat it may cause.

  7. Wen dem dey tel dem no wan hear now he don happen, Fashek who is fair n handsome has bcom a monster overnite. Lets keep on praying for him.

  8. He was a good boy in Afrika and bad man in Amerika… mi can talk more, u seen, cause dis a big big disgrace fe the children of Zion. Jah guide! Awol Atafaya fe do Vatikanaya!!!

  9. I believe if he stop what ever his taken & seek medical attention he wil be ok.i pray 4 quick recovery.majeck is a legend & he has more yrs to live.we shud put him in man nos tomorow is only God dat knows.

  10. Now, everybody is calling him names.even those who are not fit to wash his feet have something to say. Reports have it that majek suffers from Schizophrenia. It could be that he was taking those stuff to find help, and the outcome became unfortunate. Try walk a mile in his shoes before any of you opens his/her smelling mouth to talk rubbish!!!!!

  11. I love Majek Fashek despite his present condition,, he has peacefully displayed the God given talent in him, every body dies one day, weather by accident or by incident,, you guys talking bad on him… I hope you don’t die along with your God given talent and remain silent in the grave?and also i hope you already knows how you will end up? ask yourself a question!! Thank you..

  12. Don’t forget in a hurry how you danced to the tone of his music, and today.. because of his present health condition you condemned him with ur mouth nd thoughts.. you really don’t know how you will end up urself.. do not say evil against the dying man for u urself will die one day.. i love 9ja but think wise,, think past present and future.. don’t be a selfish thinker.. Thank u.

  13. Majek sang and rendered positive vibes. You won’t hear him sing dirty songs like our present day youth. You can only hear him sing uplifting songs. PLEASE SHOW HIM SOME RESPECT or at the worst, some modicum of pity….pocket the insults…pleaseeeeee!

  14. Wat a pity for our great RAIN MAKER. I so much luv him so much and i pray to JAH for a quick recovery,AMEN. Pls and pls, i beg u all nt to say any rubbish tinz about him again.

    • He was making everybody smile in those days but today is a laughing stock,but its an enormity to laugh at people’s deformity.the only solution to his problem now,he sjould give his life to baba god.

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