Malaika Denies Affairs With Sikiratu Sindodo “I’m Married With Two Wives”

malaika married two wives

March 22, 2013 – Malaika Denies Affairs With Sikiratu Sindodo “I’m Married With Two Wives”

Malaika:”I’m Happily Married To Two Wives, Not Dating Sikiratu Sindodo”

Nigerian Fuji musician Sule Alao Malaika who was rumoured to be dating Nollywood actress Tayo Odueke popularly called Sikiratu Sindodo has denied the affairs.

According to Malaika, there is no iota of truth in the widely circulated rumour of his secret romance with the talented actress.

He said they’re both intimate friends with no hidden romance.

According to his publicist Mr Tijani Agboola, the singer is a married father of many children.

He has two wives to his name and they live together in Lagos.

Below is what the star said few hours ago;

“She is just a friend. We have a close relationship, but it’s not possible for us to date. There’s no iota of truth in the rumour,” – Malaika

His publicist also confirmed it in the statement below;

“My client is happily married with two wives. He’s not dating Sikiratu Sindodo”

Sikiratu Sindodo herself confirms she is dating Malaika in an interview she granted late last year…. but sources say she has moved on with a new lover.

Below is an excerpt from the interview she granted around November 2012.

“I’m still together with Alao Malaika. Both of us travelled to America for the premiere of my latest movie, Wura Wunmi and we came back together this past week. People who came to Wura Wunmi’s premiere can testify to this. Kindly disregard such rumour” – Sikiratu Sindodo said

sikiratu sindodo malaika

Sikiratu at Malaika’s birthday party

She allegedly dumped MC Oluomo for Malaika last year.

9 thoughts on “Malaika Denies Affairs With Sikiratu Sindodo “I’m Married With Two Wives”

  1. What is dis girl wearing? Fame has entered her skull. U beta take it easy with falling in love. Before u loose ur life in the process

  2. What is bad in his marrying two wives,did he beg you for money to feed them? He is an African man n free to marry any lady he likes. You women wrappers better liberate yourself from Oyinbo mentality of one wife. Obo (monkeys)

  3. Oyinbo are alabosi. Den dey tell u say 1 man and 1 woman. Yet dey take many girl friends n concubines. No be beta to marry up to 4 wivs dan takin concubines? SMH

  4. So is a right thing to marry more than one wife? you two are sick, you still leaves in the past, what do you even know about the oyinbo that you just wrote about? I guess you only seen them on tv or once in a while on the street of were ever you stay lol we don’t need oyinbo to tell us to marry one wife cos is the best.

    • Y is’t pples alwyz tink diffrently,som1 say is legaly married wit 2 wievs dan let ar go for som1 elsy wt is pples problem 4 god sack,Malaika pls dnt giv a dan shit of pples talk and pls stay away frm her???

  5. so far so good both of them know what they want and need right time of their both lives no pressure so make everybody face front

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