Man Caught On CCTV Sneaking Into Farmer’s Yard To Sexually Assault Donkey Charged With Bestiality


Man CCTV sex with donkey

August 5, 2017 – Man Caught On CCTV Sneaking Into Farmer’s Yard To Have Sex With Donkey Arrested & Charged With Bestiality

Everett Lee Compton, a 49-year-old pervert caught while sexually assaulting a she-donkey on a farm in Arkansas has been charged with animal cruelty, trespassing and bestiality.

The suspect who blamed weed for his sick act allegedly lured the animal with carrots before he was caught.

The owner of donkey was monitoring his CCTV around 1:30am when he caught Compton. He immediately called police.

Everett Lee Compton

When police came for him, he had already performed the immoral act with the donkey. When asked what his mission was, he said he went to the private farm to feed the donkey.

When police told him he was caught on Camera, he changed his words and later admitted sexual contact.

He confessed to police that his weed addiction made him do sick things.

Here is what the donkey owner said after Compton’s arrest: