Man Hides Inside Travelling Bag To Get To America

man inside traveling bag america

August 14, 2012 – Man Hides Inside Travelling Bag To Get To America

A young man was recently caught at the Airport hiding inside a traveling bag enroute to the United State of America.

Na baba God know what might have happened to him if he had escaped.

The poor man would have died before reaching his dreamland.

Why do people think America is the only country to prosper in the world.

Tell me is traveling abroad the only guarantee to success in life?

There are millions of people in Africa today doing what American can’t do financially.

20 thoughts on “Man Hides Inside Travelling Bag To Get To America

    • Too bad it is only one who hasn’t discovered his identity in can do such some. There is more opportunity in affarmica to made it. the bible say earth is full of the glory of the Lord. so it doesn’t matter where you are, what matter is your mind.

  1. Dont blame the young man. It is the situation of the Country. In the early 80’s when Naira was 80k=1 dollar, how many pple were this desperate to leave the Country? Even when it now became N1+$1 during Idiagbon regime were pple aggressive about travelling abroad? We shd learn to call a spade a spade! If you go to labour yourself abroad the way some pple do in Nigeria; go to work 7am and close 9pm, just for 2 years, you will be a millionaire in Nigeria, by virtue of the exchange rate advantage that dollar has over our Naira. Let all these theves in power do things right if they dont want the Spirit of Nigeria to hunt them[Nigerians are the Nigeria]

  2. If i get the opportunity of living the shores of this country i wil be happy,i rather be a slave in a foreign country than becoming a slave in my father’s land.

  3. that guy is damn stupid.he would have died before getting to even dubai.and he should have asked well how america economy is before making his stupid decision.if america is a bed of roses,l as a citizen should have remaind there.forever.damn him

      • I no blame d guy, it z hz condition makes hm 2 reason lik a kid. Z unfair 2 hm but l put a blame on hm y shuldn’t he be content on wot he has, no matta wot, dn’t luk at smbody’s blongins if u do u ar a theft! AMERICA did nt blong 2 u.

  4. It’s nt d man’s fault,it’s nig economy dat is drivin him crazy.if d masses in our country can nt boost of 2 or 3 square meal wot do u expect?

  5. Men I know blame the guy, even the Boko Haram conspiracy is just enough not even adding the poverty, sufering and smiling.
    Life is a die free thing or die trying.
    Anyway since he was caugth,I guess that should be a learson to Him.

  6. The guy no gt brain at al…hw person fit think sumfin lyk dis,if na stow away 4 ship wey him do,e 4 beta pass dis foolish act wey e display…

  7. I think he was drunk when he did that. But i don’t blame him for trying to ecsape that hell of a country. If one has to wait for God’s time to make it in Nigeria he has to wait for it in the grave.

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