Father Kills His Only Son In Failed Bulletproof Charm Test

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Sept 2nd, 2012 – Man Killed His Only Son In Failed Bulletproof Charm Test

While testing the potency of his newly acquired bullefproof charmjuju“, a man identified as Ornguga Adega who resides in the village of Agbatse in Kwande LGA of Benue State Nigeria has killed his one and only son while performing a gunshot test on the youngster. naijagists.com

The man was immediately arrested by Officials of Benue state Police.

He is currently on a trial for murder at Makurdi.

According to reliable sources, the man bought a bulletproof charm from a local native doctor in August this year with the belief that it was powerful enough to prevent gun shot bullets from entering his body.

He reportedly rubbed his newly acquired bulletproof cream on his only son’s body in a bid to verify the potency of the charm in accordance with the instruction given by the native doctor who sold the charm to him.

Adega then fired a shot with his single barrel gun on the right leg of his son, the bullet immediately shattered the youngster leg.

The 10-year-old boy bled to death before his shocked father could get the medical attention he needed.

When the case came up at the Makurdi Chief Magistrate Court, police prosecutor, Inspector Gabriel Egbonyi, said the accused was arrested at the process of investigating the cause of death of the young boy.
Egbonyi further told the court that the accused confessed to committing the crime and also acknowledged responsibility for the unfortunate incident which prompted further police investigation into the matter.

The man has been remanded in police custody and his case adjourned to September 12, 2012.

This looks like a Nollywood movie scene. What a crazy father!

18 thoughts on “Father Kills His Only Son In Failed Bulletproof Charm Test

  1. It is good to trust in God. Satan power is powerless power. The devuil is a liar. This man ignored God’s protection & ended up killing his only son. God has given us his only begotten son as a ransom for our lives. We have an option to receive him into our life & be saved or reject him & be doomed.

  2. he was certain and trusted in the fettish power..good, nevertheless, who is to say tha the son was not bit stupid.. Seing a gun an knowing its use. Anyway the bible also said “shit happens” may that little gentle and slightly foolish soul rest in perfect peace..for the mum she’ll be comforted

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