Man Sells Father’s House For N500,000 In Mushin Lagos, Uses Money To Marry A New Wife

man sells father house .5 million

March 9, 2016 – Man Sells Father’s House For N500,000 In Mushin Lagos, Uses Money To Marry A New Wife, Adewale Mabun Arrested

Adewale Mabun, a 62-year-old Ogun-born man has been arrested for selling his late father’s bungalow to one Rasheed Komolafe.

He sold the house located at 11 Silva Street, Mushin where the family buried their late father without informing his other siblings.

According to PM news, during the purchase, it was agreed that Mabun will evacuate their late father’s corpse to enable Komalafe to take possession and paid another amount for the evacuation.

While the transaction was going on, other children from their late father did not know about it.
Trouble started after Mabun secretly evacuated their father’s corpse from the tomb and carried it to their home town and buried it.

He remained there with the new wife he married.
When members of the family realized what Mabun had done, the resisted it and asked Komolafe to collect his money back from Mabun.

Consequently, Komolafe went to the police and reported what happened and the police trailed Mabun to his home town and arrested him.
He was brought him back to Lagos to face prosecution.

When the police asked him to refund the money, he said he had spent it by building a shop in their village and marrying another wife.

13 thoughts on “Man Sells Father’s House For N500,000 In Mushin Lagos, Uses Money To Marry A New Wife

  1. 62 yr old man z busy commiting sacrelage just 2 get anoda toto wey he go dey f**, wot a shemeless old fool

  2. its like old people are now more sexually active than the younger ones because this week alone we have read three stories with similar caption. TUFIAKWA.

  3. Lazy man instead of working hard to build your own house u are there selling your father’s home even to the extent of evacuating his corpse. Shameless old fool

  4. Typical yoruba’s man problem; second wife! Now when the new wife starts making children, this shameless old smuck will ask grown up children from the first marriage to raise the new wife’s children.

  5. Bastard….if your father didn’t work hard in other to build that house will you think of selling it?some people are nothing but morons

  6. My yoruba pple,I trust them when it comes to woman issue they can do stupid tins especially dose dat ar suppose to prepare for their grave, marring new wife @ 62 what a shameless man.
    The children of d woman @ home might nt be living upto even middle standard oo its nt their business, going to gud sch its nt important,they may put on rag they don’t care all they want is changing woman like wrapper, a beg ogbeni dat bought the house you can’t get d money back just settle wit other siblings n take over d house.

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