Man Who Stole Church Member’s iPhone, iPad & Blackberry In Ibadan Arrested Inside Banking Hall


man steals church members iphone ipad ibadan

Oct 15, 2016 – Man Arrested Inside Banking Hall In Ibadan For Stealing Church Member’s iPhone, iPad & Blackberry

A thief who allegedly robbed his fellow church member of her expensive gadgets has been arrested.

The suspect whose name was not disclosed was nabbed at an undisclosed bank in Ibadan yesterday when his victim identified him.

It happened that the woman trusted him and gave him her iPad, iPhone and Blackberry to charge during a church service.

The boss woman reportedly left the scene to another spot and upon returning, she noticed that the young man had fled with her expensive gadgets.

She reported the matter to her pastor and was chastised for been too careless with her possession.

The victim crying

To cut the long story short, she met him at a banking hall in Ibadan on Friday and slapped the hell out of him before attracting the attention of others.

Few minutes later, the bank management called the attention of police to the matter and the suspect was immediately arrested.

Here is an eyewitness account of the story: