Many Angry Faces Of Stella Damasus In Anti Child Marriage Video

stella damasus chid bride

July 28, 2013 –  Many Angry Faces Of Stella Damasus

These are screen captures from Nollywood actress Stella Damasus‘s protest video of the controversial child bride bill in Nigeria uploaded on YouTube last week.

The alleged husband snatcher took to YouTube few days ago to voice her frustration over the viral child marriage issue.

Though the actress tried to show her opposition to the bill, critics claim she is not morally justified to voice her opinion since she just snatched her colleague’s husband, Daniel Ademinokan.

Watch the video below;


E be like she wan snatch someone’s head commot… Chai! Lion woman.

15 thoughts on “Many Angry Faces Of Stella Damasus In Anti Child Marriage Video

  1. i am really moved by your words stella. infact, am also gonna do s’thing on dis issue right now! it’s so sad nigeria is still very far behind. after 52yrs of independence

  2. The words are powerful Stella! I believe nigeria in general have a lot of issues in general. They need to stone this senator to death bcos he doesn’t deserve to be among human being.

  3. The woman is on FIRE. Good SD, you are pretty correct i love the speech i pray it get to the heads of the senators and to all those that are supporting the underage marriage but in hiding.
    Time is Now, Lets fight together for our children, the women of tomorrow, the future of Nigeria.
    I love you Stella. (from a proud South Afriacan)

  4. God bless and protect you Stella. I wish our so called women in power or politics will follow suit and fight this evil called yerima. Yerima is a sick man, a he goat that needs to be castrated. Shame on him and his entire supporters.

  5. Stella has llisted many evils bedevilling Our motherland Nigeria but omitted one fundamental corporate prostittution ,one mother problem affecting Nigeria is that those who open their dirty mouth to speak on national issues are stark illiterate , otherwise how on earth could some body claim to recognise the freedom of worship of Muslim on one breath only to equate a concept recognised and accepted by Islam with child slavery . Allah forgives Stellla . My mother who is over 80 years married my dad when she was just thirteen years and she s still alive and was never desecrated , what is the business o Stella if a Muslim father decides to give the hand of his child in marriage. We ve seen many adult matured women who could not settled but gallivant from one bedroom to the other , no wonder Governor Amechi jilted you beautiful and modest ken hens haw my model in Bollywood, no wonder your first husband diied of heart attack, you will continue gallivant from one bed to the other

  6. Hay Stella, you thought me one lesson now to always be a good listener. I almost post a nasty comment before listening to your preaching, but at the end you change my thought towards you and against what i initially wanted to post. You have spoken and spoken well. At any rate do enjoy your new relationship, as long as you like what you are doing, that’s the most important thing.

  7. Stella is crazy and completely out of
    her mind. How cud she say such a
    thing. Does she realise dat ds rude
    speech is enof to raise religious
    issues/crisis. Pple had better mind der
    tongues and think before dey talk. D fact dat its bn legalised doesn’t mean
    that every girl must get married @13.
    If Islam permits it, den let the muslims
    practice it. No1 has forced d xtians 2
    follow suite.

  8. Define marriag? Marriage is said to be the legal union btw a man and a woman to become husband and wife. Since it is not d union btw a boy and a girl then we should all know that marriage is not a child’s play. I think this is pure madness or demonstration of illiteracy and ignorance. It’s so absurd to legalize a child of 13yrs old’s marriage, she is only a child, she hasn’t even gotten a formal education???????????????? going through secondary school and college or university, what about that. Of what use is a child to it’s Nation without proper education or of what use is a Nation with bunch of illiterates. We’ll just have a stagnant Nation full of young girls married to the age of their father with no future. Oh what a pity! Pls???? girls???? should be allowed to go to school achieve their goals in life just as God wants it. Marriage is not for them, this is just a way of fulfilling Mr President wish and words: -the place of women is in the kitchen and other parts of the home????????. But we know and have read about lots of women that have done great in life and are still willing to, so why deprive them. We should remember, girls are our children, sisters and our future mothers.

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