Samklef & Olamide Buy New Range Rover SUVs (Photos)

samklef range rover suvolamide range rover

July 28, 2013 – Samklef & Olamide Buy New SUVs (Pictures)

Popular Nigerian artists are doing well this year. 2013 has been a really good year for most of them.

Few days back, music producer Samklef and rapper Olamide joined the list of stars who showed off their newly acquired rides on social network.

Samklef and Olamide recently took to their Instragram profiles to share the joy of their SUVs acquisition.

Samklef in his SUV

Olamide texting on his new Range Rover.

Olamide bought a multi-million naira range rover while Samklef’s SUV brand is unknown (From the look of things, it might be a range rover).

Congrats to them.

18 thoughts on “Samklef & Olamide Buy New Range Rover SUVs (Photos)

  1. Congrats… But u ppl should learn to save, not when u have health issues now, u will start begging for money.

  2. U guys are realy trying we’re praying for your sucess and we knw one day shal be of a good turn to us

  3. all they should have im mind is dat will nt carry it to heaven on judgement day sha congrat Badest guy eva livet

  4. olamide thats my guy. Ur enemies yapa for my side but i will always love u. They will not stop to they witness u doing good. Help me out o,am also a rapper o. 08159895163

  5. God will contineu to HELP you in getting more ideas, concept and support. Your name should be called sucess cos U made it BiG with little.Luv your courage and your music. ORI IYAMIooooo N ELEDAMIOooo. Good music frm Baddo 4 life

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