Married Actress Bukky Wright & Uti Nwachukwu In Romance Scandal; How She Shuns Her Husband’s Advice

bukky wright uti nwachukwu kissing

April 14, 2013 – Red Hot Married Actress Bukky Wright & Uti Nwachukwu In Romance Scandal; How She Shuns Her Husband’s Advice

As we are all aware that Nigerian actress Bukky Wright is now a married woman.

After years of on and off romance that produced two beautiful boys from different men, Bukky Wright has finally settled down with a US-based business man identified as Adewale Onitiri.

Wale currently lives in New Jersey and has sponsored Bukky and her two sons OJ & OS to stay permanently in the US.

bukky wright sonsBukky Wright’s two sons

bukky wright new husbandBukky Wright’s new husband, Wale.

Insiders revealed that Wale has warned Bukky to dump acting so as to protect their marriage but the actress allegedly refused.

bukky wright uti nwachukwu kissing

In this new Nollywood movie titled Red Hot, Bukky Wright played a controversial romance scene with model Uti Nwachukwu…

This movie is currently generating a lot of buzz.

Watch Red Hot Nollywood movie trailer below

Red Hot Nollywood Movie Trailer


Seriously, I no fit marry an actress because I dey very jealous…. but hey it’s their career choice…

20 thoughts on “Married Actress Bukky Wright & Uti Nwachukwu In Romance Scandal; How She Shuns Her Husband’s Advice

  1. Did he not know she was an actress beflre he married her and this is the career choice we all know her with.Some men sha.

  2. ABEG wetin uti wan use that old gargo do?he is a very traditional man n ll not b in such mess without a reason.i saw him in big brother na n i saw what he did when his babe cheated so he ll not sleep wit person wify..n dem dey forbid for ma village ABOH!

  3. What is the fuss about? They are only acting. The love scenes are make believe which happens in front of so many people – producer, director, filming crew, cast members, etc. Then what does Uti want with her. Uti is gay.

  4. My advice 2 my fellow guyz is dat,if u are building a relationship wit all dis actresess,pls tink twice,d game is dicey

  5. dear All, kindly take a deeper look into the picture. i guess the person in the picture is different from the Bukky Wright we all know.

  6. this is absolute lunatic for BUKKY as married woman. well sha i dont blame any one of them, its the end of the world. so we all need to change and serve the controler of the univerce.

  7. Leave d two of them to their world.
    To GOD, its forbidden & to human, its ONA ATIJE [SOURCE OF LIVELIHOOD].

  8. @ amina…….hmm! U c, anytin bad, is bad. Wit ur perception even armrobber can claim’s 2 b innocent dis day bcoz typical Nigerians ar nt sincere in d matters of money xpecialy d politician. wuld u said is diar profession bcoz of wht politicians ar doin? Am nt condemin her bt plz reverse ur judgement, thnk u.

  9. Red Hot movie will premiere in Calabar on April 26. Two shows 3pm and 6pm at the Cultural Centre. Tickets already on sale. Come chat up Uti on the red carpet.

  10. It’s amazing how unfounded rumors get circulated. I am Bukky’s husband and I encourage her to be the best she can be at her chosen profession. Some people make sense in the discussion , I new what she does before I marry her .. Acting is make believe, you guys should get life and worry about politician messing up the country than worrying about people’s profession.
    In fact, my wife does not want me to engage in all this comments but, I felt like I need to let people know that I never discourage her from her profession. She is good at what she does.

  11. She is well known for controversial roles in the movie industry. @Mr Wale, we re concerned about her continous show of shame as an agelong actress whose status and roleplay in the movie industry is long overdue as a role model. We are concerned about her as objective fans from a well cultured society where normacy and customs preserved our women from been public harlot. We hope to see beter Bukky Wright acting a more dignified role as a role model @her age in d industry and not as hungry early 20s actress.

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