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Husband Caught Married Female Pastor Cheating In Harare, Zimbabwe On Sunday Night

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Husband Caught Married Female Pastor Cheating In Harare, Zimbabwe On Sunday Night

married female pastor cheating zimbabwe

Feb 13, 2013 – Husband Caught Married Female Pastor Cheating In Harare, Zimbabwe On Sunday Night

There was drama in Highfield, Zimbabwe on Sunday night when a married, female pastor was evicted from her matrimonial home after she was reportedly caught pants down with a married man in their matrimonial bed.

Pastor Tsitsi Mukwamba, was reportedly caught by her husband after news that she was having extra-marital affairs with young males reached her husband. The man whom she was caught with in bed reportedly died mysteriously the same day.

Police spokesperson confirmed the sudden-death report after a misunderstanding between the deceased and his girlfriend.

“Police are still investigating a sudden death of the deceased following a misunderstanding between the deceased and his girlfriend. The deceased’s wife reported that the deceased downed poisonous pesticide at his girlfriend’s house following a misunderstanding with the suspect. The deceased failed to justify to his wife how he was poisoned in the neighborhood when he reported to her that he was coming from another state.

“And police are treating it as a suicide case and investigations are in progress,” said InspChibanda. Our news crew visited the house on Sunday night and found multitudes of residents milling around the house intending to mete instant justice on Pastor Tsitsi. Police had to be called in to control and disperse the crowd and she was smuggled out of the house by her husband who went and dumped her at Machipisa Police Station.

“We want to teach her the correct way she is supposed to preach to the congregation when she is called the woman of God at church,” one of the residents was heard saying.

Confronted for comment, the husband, identified as Baba Anesu said: “This is a family affair which does not need media coverage. There is nothing going on, people just want her to pay back their debts.This is just mob psychology,” he disguised.

Tsitsi could not entertain questions and she sought refuge in a cab before it sped off. The now deceased man is understood to have narrated everything to his wife and was rushed to a local doctor where he died that very night.

[Source: MyZimbabwe]



  1. truth teller

    February 13, 2013 at 5:21 PM

    its MAGUN jor, no long story

  2. Amos dangwani

    February 13, 2013 at 6:22 PM

    people should turn away from their evil works before judgement day.

  3. Amos dangwani

    February 13, 2013 at 6:24 PM

    people should turn away from their evil works before judgement day.if not wahala de wo

  4. AMB T.P.A Michael

    February 14, 2013 at 10:00 AM

    To me o, i don’t think this news is concrete,The woman should be penalize for what she did,she is a bad example to female pastors and the society at large.

  5. Mama Deejay

    February 14, 2013 at 5:52 PM

    Sorry, call me an old school. Let spiritual maturity prevail. Paul told us ‘the woman must be silent in church’. Why? She brought the fall in the garden, & should never exert authority over man in God’s house. Not that we are doormats in God’s house, yeah?

    When we grasp scriptures, we will all come to understand what the word of God tells us about the woman to remain silence. We are disobedient to the word:we ought to pay attention, reverence God & do His well, not ours. I love the word and pray all let go of sodomite state of this world and let God have His way on our lives. We shall see changes in our lives & our world.

    How can we claim to be virtuous, counsel people, preach & pray for needy people, meanwhile we have not really repented. How can we cheat on our husband God with the devil. We cannot claim to have God when we are still married to the devil. In this case, that is why our prayers cannot be heard by God. We are hindering someone from receiving their blessings, prayers or their job promotion. These doings are not a testimony of a true believer. Are our lives worthy of the scriptures?

    Sorry, we must stand blameless. How can you stand there preaching, whilst at the back of your mind you have filth written all over you? God said we must come just as we are, but not to remain in our filth. The holy spirit is a gentle dove, if flies away as soon as a little filth comes your way. Chase that little filthy thought out of your mind as soon as it enters in, othrwise it will take seed, you will conceive deceit. Hallelujah!!!!!! Do not entertain it. How did she entangle herself in that situation? Same thing Eve entertained in the garden of Eden when the serpent beguiled her.

    Sorry, not been judgemental. It is plain in scriptures how we ought to conduct ourselves. The bible is our DIY tool for our lives. From day one we are born, we are dying if we not use the bible as our guide. Let us depend on God and see changes in our lives. I am going to testify about ……..
    the whole bible from Genesis to Revelation if I am not careful. This shows the love I have for God because He first love me. friends, let us forget about ourselves and concentrate on God.

    Love you all. Trust in God, stand strong when you are tempted by the enemy & he will flee. All the best.

  6. MaiGamu-HRE-ZIM

    February 16, 2013 at 8:21 AM

    I could not have said it better. Thats one of the reasons why we cant bring souls to CHRIST cause we as christians are not setting an example at all, at all.

  7. salawu dauda

    May 21, 2013 at 12:55 PM


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