Married Man & Girlfriend Killed By Generator Fume In Ebonyi State

married man and girlfriend generator fume

Nov 6, 2013 – Married Man & Girlfriend Killed By Generator Fume In Ebonyi State

Mr Nweze, a 45-year-old married man and his girlfriend, one Ogechi have met their untimely death in Ebonyi State.

The two secret lovers were found dead in the bedroom naked at Okposi Achara in Ohaozara Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. The deceased, Nweze was said to be married with children and resident in Ondo State but came back home for a burial when the incident happened. Neighbours suspected that the deaths could have been caused by fume from a generating set which was on until police came in the morning.

The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) in the state, Mr. Sylvester Igbo, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), who confirmed the incident, said the woman also had children with her estranged husband before she died.

“The woman was a wife to another man with whom she had three children although it appeared they had an estranged relationship, while the man was married and lived in Ondo State but came home for a burial. He left the wife and children in Ondo State.

The man and the woman were found naked on the bed in the man’s house where condoms littered the place.

“The cause of their death according to investigation, could be generator fume which the man put on and parked inside a room close to the room where they were, possibly to avoid anybody knowing that he was at home.

The DPO said that as at the time he visited the scene of the incident, the generator was still on.

So, their death, until the doctor proves contrary, was caused by a generator fume,” PPRO stated.

Igbo, however said that the two corpses had been taken to mortuary at Okposi General Hospital, for autopsy.

[Source: Daily Sun]

27 thoughts on “Married Man & Girlfriend Killed By Generator Fume In Ebonyi State

  1. What a fast judgement for their secret sins.
    Warning to all married men and women who cheat on their partners

  2. Hmmm,it will be interesting to hear their introductions when they final meet God and if they will hold hands when facing judgement,something like father,meet my……,what’s that your name again baby?stupid he goat and shameless mother.bury them together to complete what they started.

  3. Now it’s time to meet their creator to account for all the sins they hv committed.
    God pls forgive me all my sins

  4. Just imagine a man who went 2 d burial of anoda ended up at d mortuary. Well, on a second taught, d lovers weren‘t lyin 2 each oda afterall. Maybe they might hv vowed 2 die wt each oda who knws? Tkn dia love affair 2 Enternity.

  5. You may hide your sin but one day it will find you out.Their one night enjoyment has destroy them. The bible says evil does not last no matter how long, if you refuse to let go of it, it will destroy you. A lesson to everybody.

  6. Amazing comments by some people here,forming as if dey are dat pure or 100% holy..let’s just all ask for forgiveness n Gods fear because most people do it,its only those dat are caught dat re guilty.nobody holy pass according to tuface n its a bitter truth

  7. wow!!!! 4 all have sinned n fallen short of d glory of God, the wages of sin is death… If only they had known. 99days for d thief oneday 4d owner. Married n singles plz we should b careful n faithfull.

  8. May the Good lord forgive them and accept them in his bossom. Those who are condeming them are evil worse only that they have not been caught. Remember the married woman in Onitsha that was caught having sex with her boyfriend and both of them were forced to have sex in public. This was last month and the video is still on the net. If they had not been caught would the husband know his wife was having an affair outside him? Please let us not condemn.

  9. Are you for real? do you expect us to start clapping for them,I don’t want my man or any of my relation to be cheated on.maybe you are guilty of same crime and gets uncomfortable when such issue arises.they are the evil ones because they ARE BOTH MARRIED,lets just stop this unnecessary eye services that makes one look stupid.what if one of them have AIDS and infect their partner? I hate,hate and hate cheating and don’t pray for it even for my enemy.nobody is without sin,but not this.I wish this will be the reward for all the bloody cheaters including me if i should cheat.

  10. There is no repentance in the grave or after death.after death is judgement so, get that straight into your foolish head. Even if you are involve in this kind of mess, one day GOD will expose you and every body dating people’s husband knowingly.

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