Nigerian Killed In Goa India By Indian Drug Dealers “Nigerians Are Like Cancer” – Goan Minister


nigerian killed in goa indiaThe murder scene

Nov 5, 2013 – Nigerian Killed In Goa India By Indian Drug Dealers, 53 Nigerian Protesters Arrested

“Nigerians Are Like Cancer” – Goan Minister

A rivalry war between drug dealers in Goa, India has led to the brutal murder of a Nigerian citizen.

Goan Police officials claim the man was stabbed to death last week during a rivalry war between Goan citizens and Nigerian drug traffickers while local media reports said the Nigerian was hacked to death by a group of Goan drug traffickers, while five other Nigerians suffered stab wounds.

Nigeria told India on Tuesday that it feared for the safety of its nationals in the resort state of Goa after one of its citizens was slain and a local legislator compared Nigerians to “cancer”.

Nigeria’s High Commission called the death a “cold-blooded” killing.

After the murder, over 200 Nigerians took to the street to protest the killing of their fellow citizen, chasing a police hearse carrying the corpse of the dead Nigerian and putting the body on the road. 53 of the protesters were arrested by Goan Police officials.

Following the demonstration, which blocked Goa’s main highway for several hours, Goa’s chief minister Manohar Parrikar asked police to track down Nigerians living illegally in the former Portuguese colony so that they could be deported.

After the protest, a minister in the state’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party government, Dayanand Mandrekar, stirred more controversy by saying: “Nigerians are like cancer”.

Nigeria’s High Commission issued a diplomatic note and demanded on Tuesday that the security of its nationals be assured. It also called for the immediate arrest of those who killed its citizen.

“We have lost one of our nationals in a cold-blooded murder,” Nigerian High Commission press spokesman Tokunbo Falohun told the Press Trust of India.

“The guilty should be immediately apprehended and brought to justice and they should also compensate the family of the victim,” the envoy said.

The previous day, another High Commission official warned of repercussions against Indians living in Nigeria if Goa did not stop “evicting Nigerians” from the state and failed to arrest the killers.

Asked if there will be any “repercussions” from the murder, Falohun said Tuesday there would be none if the matter was “justifiably” dealt with by Indian authorities.

“There is a large Indian community working in Nigeria. There are two temples in Lagos and all Indians have freedom to worship and for their other activities. We also are demanding the same,” Falohun said.

Meanwhile, India’s foreign ministry spokesman Syed Akbaruddin said in New Delhi that he was sure that the row could be settled “amicably”.

“We have been assured that the investigation (into the murder) is underway,” he said.

Insult to injury. Can you imagine them comparing Nigerians to cancer.

There are millions of Indians living and working in Nigeria today especially in Lagos state.

Nigerians are graceful people that accommodate people from all over the world

I wish other countries can start treating them with some level of respect.