Married Ugandan Man In Trouble After Getting Stuck To Girlfriend In Hotel

A notorious womaniser who has been cheating on his wife with several other women in Uganda has met his dead end.

Meet Mbani, a 53-year-old married man whose secret sin turned into open disgrace today in Uganda.

The cheating man reportedly lodged at Triple Zero Guest House in Namata Mbale area of Uganda with one of his mistresses.

Sadly, his power machine refuses to pull out during rump today.

The pairs were rushed to the hospital after all efforts to separate them failed.

Social media sources said the husband of Mbani’s side-chick was behind their ordeal.

12 thoughts on “Married Ugandan Man In Trouble After Getting Stuck To Girlfriend In Hotel

  1. ONE WONDER IS, This is not the first time that this kind of incident would be reported on this site.
    Question is, Why has this thing never happened between married couple?

    Haha… The oga wan go browse for another cafe outside im own na im agbada come go hook for barb wire.
    I no say at last, na devil go get the blame sha.

    Make I waka go o….

  2. I THINK THE LAST Time we were intimated with similar case like this, it was given a name, something like;
    CAPTI…. CAPTI….something, can‘t really get the full name.
    NaijaGists, please what‘s the name again?

    I take a stroll…

  3. ‘PENIS CAPTIVUS’ Is when the Vigina clamps down on the Penis very FIRMLY and the Penis isn’t able to withdraw from the Vigina it is called MAGUN.

  4. why should a married man go for a married woman when there are numerous single ladies out here since he can’t control himself

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