MASSOB Kidnaps Benjamin Onwuka & Other Biafra Zionist Movement Leaders


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Nov 2nd, 2012 – Benjamin Onwuka, Biafra Zionist Movement Leader Kidnapped By MASSOB

The leader of Biafra Zionist Movement (BZM), Barrister Benjamin Onwuka and other leaders of BZM were yesterday kidnapped by some MASSOB (Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra )members over a plan to re-declare the Republic of Biafra on Nov 5, 2012 .

We learnt Benjamin Onwuka was kidnapped at going point from his home in Enugu to an unknown destination.

MASSOB who denied the abduction said Onwuka and the other leaders were only invited for questioning over his plan to re-declare the Republic of Biafra in Enugu on Monday the 5th of November, 2012

Cornelius Anyanwu, Biafra Zionist movement Mobilisation Director who disclosed Onwuka’s kidnap yesterday said some strange-looking men believed to have been sent by Chief Uwazulike stormed Onwuka’s residence early Thursday morning, forced him into their cars and drove away.

Anyanwu said the Biafra Zionist movement leader, called to alert him of their abduction and that they are being driven away to Uwazulike’s home in Imo State.

Anyanwu who condemned the BZM leader’s abduction said:

“We have concluded all necessary arrangements for successful inauguration of Biafra Republic on November 5.

“The mobilisation of our supporters, including all Igbos had been intensified before this sabotage by the MASSOB leader, who has since abandoned the Biafran agitation and resorted to working with the Nigerian government to subdue Biafra.” – he concluded

MASSOB Responds To Benjamin Onwuka’s Kidnap

Mr Uchenna Madu, the spokesman for MASSOB said the BZM leaders were under their custody and they’re being questioned in regard to their plan for Nov 5.

“Our men did not abduct the BZM leaders. Rather, we invited them to a meeting to find out why they want to re-declare Biafra after it had been declared many years ago.

“We want to reason with them about what they planned for Monday. We are in support of Biafra but what they (BZM) are doing amounts to making caricature of the Biafran struggle.

“It must stop because the security operatives are disturbing our members thinking that MASSOB is behind the move.” – Madu said (Credit: Vanguard)