Meet 2face’s Other Baby Mama Sumbo Ajaba and Kids


Sunmbo Ajaba and 2face kidsSumbo and the kids, Nino and Zii

March 26, 2012 – Meet 2face’s Other Baby Mama Sumbo Ajaba and Kids

Innocent2faceIdibia who fathered 5 children with 3 different women, Annie Macaulay, one kid, Sumbo Ajaba and Pero Adeniyi with 2 kids each plus sixth on the way by Pero Adeniyi.

Sumbo Ajaba is the less known of all ’2mama’ trio.

Unlike Mrs Idibia designate, Annie Macaulay, who has had a pretty decent run as an actress or Pero Adeniyi daughter of a former showbiz promoter, Jide Adeniyi, Ms Ajaba, a former banker, has virtually been under the radar


Sumnbo ajaba and 2face kidsSunmbo and the kids, Nino and Zii

Sumbo Ajaba who broke up with 2face in 2009 is a divorced mother of two, a ‘Goldman Sachs scholar‘ and the owner of an event company, EsoBevent, is also a Christian music minister and a born again Christian.

sumbo ajaba ministering in churchSumbo ajaba ministering in church

2face kid ninoNino ready for some footie action

2face kid NinoNino hitting the drums, taking after his dad steps?

2face's kid - ZiiiZiii shows off his medal2face's kid - NinoNino

2face's kids - Zii and step sister IsabellaZii and step sister Isabella

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