Updated: Meet The Most Active Commentators In July 2016

most active commentators

August 3rd, 2016 – Updated: Meet The Most Active Commentators In July 2016

Join us in welcoming Huchennar and Endure to our growing list of active commentators.

Here is the complete list of commentators who participated most on this site in July 2016

  1. Fifelomo
  2. Maryf
  3. Sola Olaniyi
  4. Betty
  5. Truce
  6. Metu Nyetu
  7. Huchennar
  8. D hunter
  9. Big Aunty Koks
  10. Endure.

We also want to use this medium to appreciate the most engaging commentators in July and they are

(1) Omokehinde

(2) DHunter

(3) Amanda

(4) Endure

(5) Metu Nyetu

(6) Keeping It Real

The funniest commentator of July 2016 remains the one and only Bench, the ‘Grammarian’.

The most instructive commentators of July are:

(1) Dhunter

(2) Omokehinde

(3) Jilo

Lastly, we want to appreciate the most traditional commentator of July 2016 and she is Ms Eranko

Please if you think we are missing anyone on this list, please write it in the comment section, we will review and update the list…. Thank you

We also want to use this medium to appreciate readers who do not leave comment, please be encouraged to leave your inputs… It goes a long way to promote engagement.

If you have a say, do not keep it to yourself. If you are afraid of being insulted, don’t worry, we have this under control.

Please keep in mind that we do not encourage hate on this blog, so we usually censor abusive comments.

So don’t forget to have your say, we have your back.

For instruction on how to leave your comments on this blog, please see the image below

48 thoughts on “Updated: Meet The Most Active Commentators In July 2016

    • NaijaGist!!!!! with tears on my eyes, now i know that you are an ******* after all my effort am not rememberd! it is well!!! So sad!

      • @Rapo, if ever there will be a category for the most Tribally Abusive Commentator, you would make it to the top always, trust me.

  1. I can’t say Thanks enough. You guys are great.

    Going forward, there are times when I find it difficult to post my comments. I hit POST COMMENT, but for no obvious reasons, my comment wouldn’t go. It then makes me repeat it severally until I am almost frustrated, only to find out at last that those comments had gone through as many times as I had tried.

    I wonder if it happens to any other person here. And I wonder if naijagists count those comments as many as they are instead of just one, since they all say the same thing.

    Thinking out loud!!!!!!!

    Congrats to Huchennar and Endure.

    • @Charles, it is simple. Just make comments. The more comments you make, the more chances are that you’d make it.

  2. Make I also talk pipul wey are top my own ten. Is not only naijagist is having pipul wey are top ten. I am follow to have. From now to be next year and pass away next year, I will be talking all the pipul wey are wise to be top for my own ten. Is only wise pipul can posibul to top my own ten. I am not a haver of wetin to dash them but I am in a hoping mood say is one day to come wey I am a haver of wetin to dash them, even car, even money, even goat or cow I go dash my toping ten I not send.
    So make I talk my toping ten wey are wise pass away other pipul.
    Ms Eranko
    D Hunter
    Keeping it real. I am not know wheda na gokeeper he be.
    Sola Olaniyi
    Truce. It is do me like say na truth wey he is want to say.
    Lola O

    Na them are have sense pass away other pipul. Ms Eranko is have sense pass away all the pipul bicos she is follow me smoke igbo. D Hunter is follow Ms Eranko bicos sun is beat am well well everyday.

  3. Thanks @metu. Many thanks to you naija jist. Actually I was not expecting this commendation and rating of commentators in your site but in view of the news making the headline this days,it is only natural for one to speak up and voice his or her concern to others through this medium you’ve maid available in your site. I also believe from our comments here people learn too. Am also using this time to encourage every reader of news in this site to comment and make known there opinion so that those who are involved in a particular incident being reported by naija jist will either see our displeasure or approval through what we type here. Ones more thanks to you naija jist for your observation and hard work.

  4. Bench the comedian. .I told you guys this bench is very educated, the question is who reads out stuff for him because he writes in the way to Crack people up..lol anyways I’m happy I made it in your top 10.

    Congratulations to naijajists top 10.

    Trying to find out which university or college he attended

  5. NaijaGists Crews, my gratitudes. I am greatly privileged to be the only commentator here to make the list of all three categories:-
    The most ACTIVE,
    The most ENGAGING,
    The most INSTRUCTIVE.
    Though, not feeling as the greatest here but MOST privileged.

    NG is very observant in their judgement though, no one knows how and with what criterials they select their Top Ten commentators for the Month.
    But if I have my way, my TT for July should have been:- Metu Nyetu, Jilo, Omokehinde, Anty Koks, Keeping it real, Huchennar, Truce, Maryf, Endure, and of course D Hunter.

    All the same, its been a great time with you guys. I missed people like : Miss Red, Bezo, Iron Bar, Zion etc…
    Peace to you all out there.
    Let‘s do it again this Month.

    I take a stroll…

  6. I have been reading this site for the past three years but its never posted. I wonder what the problem is as I have been following the same procedures as in how to post a comment.

  7. I have been trying to comment on this platform for ages but I never see it posted And I follow all these procedures shown as in how to comment. I have read this site every day of my life for almost three years or more. I cant even remember. I HOPE THIS IS POSTED.

  8. Thanks a lot for d recognition, its just that we cannot just hold ourselves back when we read some foolish and annoyg cases.

    Its true what Metu said, so many times I must av drafted a message and when I send it they don’t go thru, its quite annoying most times that I had to retype over and over again.
    @ bench I don’t understand what u mean by that comment u wrote about me up there.

  9. Thank God Bench has been remembered.
    I’ve always felt bad each time Bench name wasn’t included. I’ve been on this site since 2011 but don’t really like making comment because the procedure here is taxing unlike facebook when your comment will appear immediately. I think you people are really unfair to Bench because he is one of the most consistent here. Bezo what happened to you? Red where have you gone to? Did you stop commenting because of D Hunter? I really wish to know.

  10. Your list is encouraging. Hope to be one of those that will be on the above list for the month of August

  11. I am most recognize and Honoured here. Once again NG, I say Thanks.
    However, there are some people on the list whom I considered “Just Lucky“. These set of people have little or no meaningful, insightful, educative or instructive comments to post yet makes the list each time to my utmost surprise, when the likes of Danti, Jilo, Grace etc… Are never found on the list.

    Its funny to know that some people merely post anything, just anything for the sole purpose of being noticed. No moral lesson learnt, nothing.

    Pls NG, let this month be a difference, THANKS.

    I take a stroll…

  12. This name “D Hunter“ is really ringing bells on NG that everybody just want to call it.

    @ Mary, what do you mean by whether red and bezo stopped commenting bcos of D Hunter? Explain…

    What has D Hunter got to do with their decision to stopped commenting? Do you know how much I missed those two?

    So what about others who had long stopped commenting too? I mean the likes of Iron bar, Zion, Ngozi, Spammer, Hero and so many others too numerous to count?
    Then recently, we have people who have stopped commenting too. People like My Lady, Jojo, Emeka etc… Its is bcos of D Hunter also
    Or do you have any issue with me? If you do why not come out clear instead of using red & bezo as a yard-stick.

    I remain D Hunter.

  13. @ D Hunter, no hard feelings. I like your comments too but I observed then that in those days, most often, whenever Red made a comment, your comment will immediately follow suite. At some point, I thought you were being infantuated with her; and when she later said someone was stalking her on the site and that she will stop commenting, naturally, My thought went to you. Sorry, I must have been gravely wrong about my assumption of you then. please, don’t expect a reply from me again, if you comment on this because I really don’t have the time for making comments. Once again, no hard feelings. The peace of The Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

  14. Am one of those readers who read and comment in 1% of ur stories, and I enjoy reading comments from #D hunter _Big aunty Koks _Metu Metu_ Maryf and the funniest of “em all #Bench. Would try to always comment this month or next lol. Great Blog Great NG.

  15. I like D hunters comment. Naija gist for more than 4 years now am an addict to this website but am not the commenting type. Bravo guys.

  16. Apology accepted @ Mary. Sorry if I said anything wrong to you too.
    The peace of the Lord be with you and your entire house. I declear Divine visitation upon your family to bring into fulfilment all your long heart desires quickly.

    I take a stroll…

  17. Nice one!! At least the house got more busier…lolsss
    I think we have more addicted follower who dont comment like me!!

    Thumbs up to the regulars!!

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